Feeding baby potatoes and finger foods (also in BIS)

Hi all

My mum is making Jack some potatoes and carrots tonight as he won't eat any jar veggies and I was wondering if anyone else had done this and if so, what did you put through the potatoes (if anything) as normally my mum would add milk and marg but I know you can't give dairy products until they are a year old.

Also, what sort of finger foods are you going to be giving LO when it's time and at what age will you be giving?

C xx


  • Babies can have dairy products from 6 months! They need a lot of it as well. Everything Toby has includes a white sauce or cheese sauce and he's always eating chunks of cheese and butter with stuff!

    So definitely get your Mum to add milk - but make it full fat milk and butter (not marg!!!)

    You can give LO potatoes and carrots as finger foods. Big enough for him to hold in his hands.

    Toby loves feeding himself, he has sandwiches, chunks of cheese, cooked veggies, cucumber, pasta!

    Good luck! xxx
  • Thanks Joo, someone else just pointed out it was 6 months, but for some reason I thought it was a year! He isn't 6 months until end of March but will definitely give then.

    Thanks so much xx
  • You could try adding a bit of breastmilk or formula to the potato - and just mash it, don't puree it or it goes really starchy and sticky!
  • Thanks sunflower, I was thinking of doing that and had told my mum to try it so will see how he goes xx
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