When did you put baby in own room?


I am not looking for a debate about whats right or wrong, i know people will have their own opinions on this and i am aware of the risks and the guidelines but did anyone put their baby in their own room before the recommended 6 months?

My daughter is only 5 weeks and 2 days old, but i made the decision today to put her in her own room for the first night tonight, because she wakes my hubby up, he's shattered and goes to work early and works long hrs in a stressful job, he also wakes her up with his loud snoring and talking in his sleep, and every time one of us gets up for a wee we wake her... also our bedroom is on the top floor of a 3 storey house and being in the top it's absolutely sweltering!! my DD wakes up in the night sweating and i have to strip her off, then later on in the night when it cools down she's freezing... with all these things having her in our room was just not working for any of us!

I am really sad that she's no longer in with us and very nervous!!! i am really worried about SIDS, so much so that i have a breathing monitor, video camera monitor and temperature monitor.. and im still nervous!! just looking for some reassurance really that others have put their little ones in their own rooms early and they have been ok?!

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  • It sounds like you have all very good reasons to put your lo in her own room. There are many people who put their lo's in their own room from early on, even from day 1 in some cases. It sounds like you have taken plenty of precautions so don't fret and just look forward to being a well rested mummy and baby tomorrow.
  • Thanks ladies, just hope i'm doing the right thing!
    i spoke to the health visitor about it who said she thought it was best to move her into her own room because it's alot cooler than our room but she said i should sleep in there with her :/
  • I think, in all fairness, that you'd still fret even if it was past the "6 month guidelines"!! image

    My DD was 12 weeks, purely because she had outgrown her Moses basket and our room isn't big enough to put the cot bed in. She was absolutely fine, she's 9 months now.

    Try not to worry though, i know it's easy to say. but you do what YOU feel is right for you xx
  • We put our LO in his own room at 8 weeks old because he had outgrown the moses basket. In hindsight though we were all keeping each other awake and moving him resulted in us all sleeping better. He didn't go through the night until 6 months but for the parts he did sleep, we slept too, which helps a great deal. We too had to invest in the movement monitor for peace of mind and our normal monitor is so sensitive, I can hear him breathing. For us it was the best thing ever but his room is only across the landing not on a different floor, which might have made it more difficult. At the time I wasn't ready to move him and actually slept on his floor for the first few nights but for us, it was the best thing ever. Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • firstly, great name!my daughter is also called phoebe! shes 9+2 and although she still sleeps in with us, she goes to bed at 6.30pm and sleeps through til 7am with a dreamfeed at 11pm but she doesnt wake during it.she goes to but upstairs in her crib and i dont go to bed til 11pm when i do the dreamfeed so shes upstairs on her own from 6.30 til then so i count it as similar. i dont think theres any 'set' time when it becomes right, its what works for you and your family.luckily, my hubby will sleep through anything and phoebe is used to people coming and going as hubby works evenings and can sometimes roll in very late and she doesnt even stir.if she woke easily or if she was also disturbing us then i would also move her but she doesnt. but like i said, she spends the first part of the night on her own anyway.xx
  • Hey hun
    I put my daughter in her own room at 11 weeks old and it was the best thing we did lol!! We had the breathing monitor so knew she was safe. I have heard that the reason they should stay in your room is because baby can hear the quiet noises of u moving around in your sleep which helps to stop them going into too much of a deep sleep. So if baby is in another room they recommend having a ticking clock in their room so there is a constant quiet noise! We put 2 clocks in with our dd lol!!
  • Try not to worry, I am sure she will be fine. You are her mother and will want the best for her, so of course you will have went through everything in your head and you are taking all the precautions you think you will need. If it means a happier and more rested family, then you are doing no wrong.

    I put dd in her own room at 10 weeks, she was a noisy sleeper and I hated having to creep around when we went to bed or got up in the morning and she was still asleep. She sleeps better in her own room and it means she can have a proper bedtime without us disturbing her.

    Good luck xxx
  • Thanks ladies, nice to know im not the only one, i have put her moses basket that she normally sleeps in inside her big cot for now, so it's not too much of a big change...
    i think ill be awake all night watching her belly go up and down on the video monitor just to make sure she is still breathing!! or ill be going in her room every 5 minutes and poking her to check she's ok..
    hubby can't understand why im so worried..x
  • LO was 8 weeks and quickly outgrowing his basket and with no room for a cot in our room we decided to try him in his big cot in the nursery, we noticed a difference straight away, he slept much better and we didnt disturb him when we came to bed, i also found i woke just before he started sturing during the night x
  • We put lo in her own room at 9 weeks, wish I'd have done it sooner! She faffed about when she was in with us keeping both us & her awake. Also, she had outgrown her Moses basket. She sleeps all night & if she moves about it doesn't wake us. We have a sensor pad on the monitor so find it puts me at ease.

    Jayne xx
  • Mia went in her own room at 3 weeks!She is super long so out grew her moses basket very quick, I had already started putting her in her cot for naps and she slept better- when we put her in her cot at night it was around this time she started sleeping through! She is a proper wriggle bum today for example I went in to wake her for her bath and she was in the middle of the cot with her comfort toy she had got from the top of the cot and with her head facing the bottom and feet at the top...so not the way I put her in!She is only 11 weeks now!lol Mia also sleeps on her tummy the only way she will sleep, she's happy I'm happy so shoot me for not following the "guidelines".x
  • Lily outgrew her moses basket at 3weeks, we kept her in our room with us until she was 7months old. She slept through the night since she was 2 and a half months, and still will sleep between 10-12hours. I was very nervous about her being in her own room at first but so nice to have our room back to ourselves. x
  • We put DD in her own room at 16 weeks for all the same reasons as you, she has slept some much better since, she was up 2am to 6am one night due to OH's snoring so I took the step to do it.

    I still fret now (she's nearly 10 months) and am scared every morning if I wake before her, you don't need to justify yourself hun you have to do what is best for your family.
  • i put dd1 in her own room at 16 wks and it was great with dd2 as she was going in with her sister she went in with her once she slept through at 6 and half months. do what ever you think is best for you and your baby
  • We moved Sophie to her room on Saturday night, she's 11 weeks old today. She had almost outgrown her moses basket and I wanted to make the move to the cot whilst we still had the option of the moses basket as back up. She slept there alone on Saturday night until about 3am, but I kept waking up every hour and a half because she was stirring and I could hear it on the monitor, so I got no sleep whatsoever.

    I've been sleeping on her floor since Sunday night and we all slept much better, but I'm hoping that won't continue for too long (the sleeping on the floor that is, not the sleeping better!)
  • I think with the technology you have invested in you have covered every angle lol If it was me I'd have prob done the same xx
  • We moved LO at 10 weeks for similar reasons (we were all keeping each other up!) and she has been absolutely fine. I did invest in a movement monitor but like the OP we are on a different floor (she is at the top and we are on the middle). It's worked really well so far. She still wakes for feeding up to twice a night but at least we don't have to tiptoe round the floorboards when we go to bed for fear of waking her! x
  • Sounds like you've done the best thing for you and your family. Your reasons are very valid and I don't think anybody can argue with these. You've taken the precautions by having a monitor etc and I'm sure your LO will be just fine, and I'm sure you'll all benefit from a more settled nights sleep!

  • Thank you for all the reassurance ladies, nice to read about what everyone else has done....

    well.. we didn't have a great night but it was still better than her being in with us and i think we have made the right decision..

    Hubby slept right through the night until his alarm for work, which is what i was hoping for, so he's gone to work feeling properly rested and for that reason alone moving her was for the best...

    she went to bed in her room with no problems at all, which was great, we have a good bedtime routine, she self settles in about 5-10 minutes so i was hoping that moving her wouldn't disturb that routine, BUT she woke up more.. she went to bed at 7pm, woke at 10, 1.30, 3.30, 4.30 and was wide awake by 5 and i had to get up with her! :/ i think it was the light, she has white curtains, think ill give black out blinds a go, hopefully that will help, even though i didn't get much sleep, the sleep i got was better and her little noises didn't wake me...so im glad i moved her..x
  • glad it went ok, it s quite scarey the first night, it makes a big difference when you get some quality sleep even if its not for that long, we found blackout blinds really help, we got a cheap roller for argos but some ladies have mentioned one that has suction cups on the edges for the window x
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