TallKatie- Review of my 1st night away from lo

Hi babe, well I know you are worried about your night out and leaving Gracie-Faye with someone so I thought I would give you a review of my night.
He was absolutely fine. In fact, better than fine. He probably behaved better than when at home with me and hubby. My sister and her fiance think I have the best behaved, best sleeping baby in the world.
I did start to write some notes for them on Friday and it ended up being about 5 pages long, just hints and tips and info on bedtime routine, timings etc. Just so things were as normal for him as possible. My sister said that was really useful. And they both referred to the notes lots.
I cried when I left him, he didn't. He slept till 5.30, I only got 5hrs sleep cos I kept waking wondering if he was alright.
I'm not gonna do it all the time but it was really nice for Ian and I to spend some quality time together and see some friends. So please don't worry about it try to relax and enjoy the opportunity that your friend is giving you. S x

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  • Lucy has stayed at both sets of Grandparents once, and they've each got a little set of instructions. She was really really good for them both. Don't worry about it, she'll be fine and i'm sure you'll enjoy the mummy daddy time x
  • It's so hard though isn't it?! I had to get drunk the first time she stayed at her Grandma's so i wouldn't think about her all night, but i still did! x
  • we're at that stage now where its about time he stayed out. my brother has offered but im scared too. but he and his wife have been here during our bed time routine so i know they would be fine. i think you may have convinced me to let go of the reins a bit!
  • Honestly it was fine and I think it's good for him to spend time with other people. I don't want him to be clingy. I have to go back to work eventually so he'll be spending time with the childminder anyway, not overnight obv ! S x
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