Reflux Mummies, did you wean early?


My LO 4 half months now and it been muted by GP that if I wean early might help her reflux, shes been on hypoallergenic milk for 2 weeks now which has virtually resolved her wind/griping pains but not sure if weaning early will help her or not. HV was vague and said it sometimes helps but I want more advice than that, worried it might trigger wind again.

Any experience or advice greatly received!

Inka xxx

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  • DS doesn't have reflux but my friend's little boy had it severely and her consultant said to wean him early. He is now six months and he is encourging her to cut down his milk feeds so he is more reliant on his solids.
  • pippa had reflux and was on gaviscon which helped her a lot, we were told not to wean early as it can make reflux worst, we stuck it out till 6 months and then started baby led weaning and by xmas she was off the gaviscon (she was 8 months) she's nearlly a year now and we still occassionally have sicky days but no where near like it was before
  • i think each baby is different but it made things worse for my ds for the first month. i didn't start weaning properly until 6 months. he is 8 months now and still suffering although i have noticed an improvement in the past week which i think is more down to his age and growing out of it. it's worth a go but if you notice no difference then i would say hold her off for as long as possible because the mess and stink (it's like adult sick) once they start solids is awful... xx
  • I started at 18 weeks, when the doctor suggested it to try to help her weight.

    It really helped her reflux and weight gain. She would still bring up milk, but any of the pureed food i gave her stayed down.

    She is now 9 months, and the still has problems with milk, but none of her solid food ever comes up
  • I think it depends on the GP! My friend was told by the GP to wean her little boy at 3 months (!) as he wouldnt take any milk due to the reflux etc. He is now 8 months and only has 1 milk feed, and not every day!

    However, I have weaned the boys at 21 weeks and it hasnt made much difference (although theirs is silent reflux so no sick) They seem uncomfortable after solids as well as milk, although the milk has Gaviscon in which helps...cant put that in solids image
  • We didn't wean early due to reflux but then the girls' reflux never affected their weight gain (which is why we had so much trouble getting it diagnosed).

    I started weaning at just over 5 months but just because they were ready and have never really been milk lovers.

    Now, at nearly 11 months, I'd say that Lily occasionally gets silent reflux (maybe once every couple of days) and we get some sicky burps but other than that, they seem to have grown out of it

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