Sterilising Teething Rings - it's melted!

Hi girls
Oliver is only 10.5 weeks but it seems that a lot of the lo are teething early. I can see one definate tooth under the gum and he has all the telltale signs according to the mummies at my playgroup. They suggested I buy a teething ring which I can put in the fridge to try and help as he crys when he sucks his dummy and it's the tooth that would hit the dummy when he sucks so it's as if he wants to suck but it hurts.

BUT - obviously being so young I want to sterilise the teething ring which I did in the microwave steeriliser but it's all melted and the stuff inside has evaporated! what do I do, is the only way around it to buy some milton tablets so I can cold water sterlise the next one I buy? I just dont' want to give him a teethign ring out of a packet at this early age in case of infection etc.


  • You cant sterilise the teething rings (especially the gel ones) pour a little hot water (thats been boiled) over them and this will essentially sterilise them. Or you could try the TT ones that are almost shaped like a dummy, these can be sterilised.
  • Thanks Rosapenny, the minute I took it out I realised how stupid I was trying to boil it for 6 mins lol! I love those tommy tippee ones, especially as I don't know how Oliver is going to get on holding a teethign ring as they are so big. Thank you so much
  • No problem, we had the same problem. Olivia is a small girl and all the teething rings were too big for her mouth but these are great and she can really chew on them, great straight out of the fridge!!
  • lol...I did the same!!!!

    I just pour boiling kettle water over them now!! xx
  • Thanks - yeah I just found a teddy a friend got us who's hands and feet are hard for teething but the poor little mite can't get them in his mouth! I'm goign to order them and collect in store.
    MrsKB - so glad i'm not the only one! Kettle from now on! xx
  • I would just wipe them over with a Milton wipe x
  • i have also done this!!! plus his teething beads, medicine syringe all went the same way!!! i ened up just sitting them in boiled water for a few mins now at 8 months i wash them through with his bottles and rinse under the tap.
  • Thanks T4BM - I brought some of these yesterday in Tesco's to wipe over his rocker and things but thats a great idea.
    Thanks Berly! xx
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