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Just wondering how the controlled crying is going???



  • hi, its been 3 nights now, i am VERY surprised with how well its going, the first night i put him down at 8 he woke at 1 for a feed put him down he cryed and i kept going in, every 2 minites the 4 the 8 then by 10 he was gone to sleep, he then woke at 4.30 had feed and went straight back down then got up at 6!! its been like this all 3 nights nothing too bad!

    i am very shocked because he was such a bad sleeper and kept waking about 20 times a night crying,fidgiting etc and used to wake and not go back down to sleep for a least a hour!!

    so think he needed to be in his own room,where its quite and he cant hear oh snoring!! lol or me fidgiting. feels like so much stress has been lifted. do think though i may be putting him to sleep a little early, 8? coz he wakes up about 5ish, 6ish if im lucky xx xx
  • No 8 sounds about right to me, sounds like its working. Evan is the same an absolute nightmare sleeper up constantly like your lo so when he gets to 6 months I think its the only option for me!!
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