Child passport question?

Hey all

Just wondering if you girls can help me with something. We're trying to get Lucy's first passport sorted out but we're not sure what we need to send. I know we need to send her full birth certificate but we're not sure if we need to send my passport too.....the helpfull information has got me baffled! lol

Can anyone shed some light?!

Thanks in advance x


  • I don't think I sent mine but can't remember exactly! so that's no help but I think no you don't send yours!

    Maybe do check and send service then you will know!
  • Hi,

    I just sent away for Ben's and it arrived yesterday, no you don't have to send your passport, you just need to write your passport number on the form. You just need to send full birth certificate and 2 photo's, one of them needs to be signed.

    HTH x x x
  • That's fab, thank you so much girls x
  • Hello,

    What did you all do about the photograph? Do the same rules apply (background colour etc.)?

  • I just got Lucy's done in a photography shop. They only charged the same as the booths cost and it was really quick x
  • If you go on to the passport web site you can fill in a form that you get from the post office but it is already filled in for you with the info you put in, just send in the form signed with the 2 photos and full birth certificate it is alot quicker. You dont send in your passport as you add yours and your oh's passport number.
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