I love my OH because...

HE gave me a lie in!!! what a lucy girl I am!

because my baby tries hard with OUR bsby! xxx x


  • lol typing error tho excitment!! x
  • it_must_be_love its so sweet yoiu are trying hard to make BE what it was before , a place for advice and fun , bless you x
    Hopefully it will all end soon, I lost the track of why they are all so angry good 50 pages ago image

    Back to the post I love my OH because he is such a good man x
  • I love my dh because he always tried soooo hard to make sure i'm happy and 9 times out of 10 lets me get my own way lol.

    tallkatie - you'll have soooooo much fun on the wii!
  • i love my oh because he but up with me and he did the cleaning last night ( that does not happen that often )
    he getting a ring for Christmas te he
  • I love my oh becuase he is amazing, he put his family before anything. He left the forces and got a job in civvie street so we could all be together all the time and not have me worrying about him being in Afgan and Iraq. If thats not love i don't know what it.
  • I love my oh because he loves me and our pumpkin!! He would move the world for the two of us!! He does everything I ask of him to the best of his ability (I do ask the impossible sometimes, LoL) and for some strange reason he wants to marry me?!?!

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • I love my OH because he has given me a foot and leg massage every night (except for a handful when impossible) since I was pregnant with Riley. He even does it after he's been out working until 10pm. He is also trying really hard with things i've asked him to do (like picking up after himself, lol) to try and make things abit easier for me. He also now gets up with Riley when he wakes early if he doesnt have work, and then brings him up to me when he needs feeding so I can get an hours extra sleep (as am still up 2 hourly overnight). He's just fab! xxx
  • Because even though I have been saying for an hour I am getting in the bath so we can "do something today" I am still sat here lol!

    And he hasnt moaned once hahahaha

  • He's always making me smile and does the sweetest things ever!! He's a brilliant daddy, and given me to wonderful children!!

    Love you honey bunch!!

  • because he treats my son like a daddy should and of course gave me my beautiful girl too, he works so hard and tells me everyday, how much he loves us all xx
  • I love my OH because he is just prefect for me and puts up with me(im extrememly high maintenance) without moaning. he always makes me smile and tells me i look pretty even when i know full well i look like crap. :lol:

  • because he works so hard at a job he hates to look after us all and he's helped me loads with lo since i've been preg and i'm struggling! love u!


  • Because he's good in bed :lol:

    I really can't think of another reason, apart from giving me Gabe obviously. image

    He's NEVER given me a foot massage, told me I was beautiful (well maybe in the beginning) or got up with Gabe without being severely nagged.

  • because he has given me a beutiflu baby girl who he loves dearly and he would do anything for us, he works silly hours but still finds time to help me and put up with my tantrums and clumsyness.... he needs a medal lol
    love you babe xxx
  • Because he is fantastic with Beth. Because he tells me every day that I am beautiful and he loves me. Just because.
  • Just cos!!
    But he is the best daddy and our daughter adores him!!
  • Post withdrawn at member’s request.

  • I love my hubby because:

    1. He is a fantastic husband and will do anything 4 me.
    2. He is a fantastic dad to Brooke.
    2. He always helps with the housework.
    3. He runs me a bath every day then wakes me up.
    4. He tells me I'm beautiful when I am having a bad day.
    5. He brings me breakfast in bed.
    6. He rings me every lunchtime from Work, to ensure that me and Brooke are ok.

  • He was at the hospital 7am last Sunday, I greeted him with a screaming baby and myself in tears - fed and handed her to him, went back to bed, slept all morning. He stayed all day and after every feed, took her from me winded and changed her. I'll never ever forget that day, and although he's her dad and he should be involved, I've never been so appreciative of anything he's done as I was then!! Last night he got up with me and though he couldn't feed, sat up in bed with me and read his book till I was done and Faye was ready to be winded

    And apart from those occasions, just because I do :\)
  • Awww MrsT, he sounds so lovely! That is so sweet and caring. xxx
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