BLW advice, when and how.

I started giving my LO bits of puree when she was about 15 weeks, it was just a few spoons at a time and she seemed to enjoy it. I gave her a break for a couple of weeks as she has a cold, but I dont like the taste of purees and cant imagine that she does either! I am interested in BLW, and was wondering if 5 (about 22 weeks?) calendar months was too young to start? she is currently 20 weeks, is constantly putting things in her mouth, and watches us like a starving person when we eat (everyone thinks this is funny!!!). The thing is, i dont have any idea what to start her on. maybe some steamed carrot sticks? im so worried about her choking. she has no teeth, even though she has been showing teething signs for about 6 weeks now.

all experience and advice welcome!!


  • Hiya
    I started my LO on purees but she hated them so at 6 months i stopped altogether and gave her finger food. Personally i would wait until 6 months as its something to do with their stomachs and being able to digest the food (i think!)
    But when she is 6 months then go for it! We started on steamed broccolli, carrot, cauliflower etc but quickly progressed to "meals" as she took to it really well.
    Rice cakes are a good starter food as are fingers of toast.
    There is a list of finger foods somewhere in Baby and many threads which you might find useful!

    Sue and London xx
  • I would wait til 6 mths. My lo also has no teeth he is 6 1/2 mths and struggles with some foods x
  • I saved this link when it was bumped up a few days ago, as plan to start BLW with our lo in a few weeks & found it really useful, hth xx
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