Bruised nose after a fall


My DD (8 months) is just learning to cruise, I didn't manage to catch her in time and she smacked her face on the floor (carpet). This was yesterday evening about 6pm. She sobbed and sobbed, obviously, then within about 15 minutes 2 little bruises appeared at the top of her nose. She was fine within herself after getting the sobs out the way. The bruises are quite prominent this morning too, no black eyes though thank goodness.
I think I'm going to take her to the GP this morning anyway, just for my own piece of mind.
Could she have broken it? How long will the bruising last?
God I just feel awful, poor thing. I'm supposed to protect her and I know I can't do it alllll the time, but when something like this happens it just makes you feel rubbish :cry:


  • Don't beat yourself up Kelly, unfortunately falling is how they learn and she will do it a lot more and its gonna hurt you far more than her!

    I doubt its broken due to lack of black eyes and the fact she is ok now as if it was broken i'd expect her to be in pain and so crying. But taking her to the docs to put your mind at rest sounds like a good idea.

    Your a good mummy unfortunately accidents happen, she will get her balance fully soon and then she'll be falling trying to walk or running into walls!

    Big hugs to you and Ava xxxx
  • Morning Kel,

    Like Dylansmummy says, unfortuntely these things happen (ooh if I had a pound for eveytime Ollie has hit his head....!) and believe me, you are a FAB mummy and so shouldn't be feeling awful about this- it's gonna happen many many more times (sorry!) and then eventually she'll get the hang of walking and it'll be onto the next hurdle..... climbing!!!! xxx
  • My LO has a map of bruises on his head at the minute - so many when I went to health clinic they asked my why he had so many......then he fell over when we were I said....there is your answer haha.

    My LO doesnt seem to get he cant walk, he literally lets go and takes a few steps and then crashes down grrrrr

    The bruises last about a week I have found....I hope your little girl is ok x
  • Thanks ladies for the reassurance. I've got an appointment this morning with the Dr anyway, just for my own piece of mind. I'm sure she's absolutely fine, she certainly seems it today lol! xx
  • Dont worry at all Kelly, she will be fine and bruises will fade away very quickly. Be patient, when they start handling themselves they keep on falling and this is probably not for the first time. I know, after all its a mother heart but, please be little careful and little strong.


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  • Let us know what the doc says Kel, hope you're feeling better today? xxx
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