Is pushing to standing....

....the same as pulling to standing??

Just after opinions. James doesn't pull himself up on things to stand up, although he's always lifting head and shoulders up, to try to sit up.

But he will, when in his playnest go on his knees, then leaning on the side go onto his feet too.

Is it the same, or am I just wishful thinking :lol: xx


  • I'd say it's the same. As long as he is working out how to get to his feet and then putting weight on his legs. And it has to be better than Peter's old trick of using the books on the bookcase for leverage! :roll:
  • Thanks for your reply. He can't crawl yet, so haven't got that problem...yet. image xx
  • hey hun, i'd definately say yes too, ems was doing this for a couple of weeks then started pulling to standing and ccruising all over, unfortunately she's also learned to crawl lately so there's no keeping her still ever now! lol
  • Thanks Jemmy. He's doing it everytime he's in the playnest. Plus he's been using me to stand from kneeling, when I've been sitting on the floor with him. I did put him in the right position to try it though! image

    He's still trying to move his knees to crawl, but more often than not, he tries to put his foot under. Think he has visions of walking, and missing out the crawling! :lol: xx
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