Not enough hours in the day- dreamfeed?

Ds is 13 weeks and exactly 3 months today! Where is the time going? He's always been a good sleeper and is currently sleeping 10/11hours a night from 8/9-6/7. He's ff and feeding has been a bit all over the shop recently, it now seems that he needs/wants/can go longer between feeds so our 3hours is becoming 3.5-4hours. Now that's fine, but there's not enough hours of awake time to get his 5 feeds in (and he's not taking anywhere near enough to drop down to 4). For example today he woke at 7.30, second bottle at 11, third at 3, then 7pm. In his crib asleep at half8, so I've just tried a dreamfeed at 10 which was successful (I think) he barely woke up but drank a whole 6oz bottle and is now happily back in his crib. I did try burping him, but pretty much nothing though, is that normal where they're so relaxed? x


  • Absoutely normal hon...they very rarely need to burp after a dream feed. I tend to try and keep Lucas upright for 10 mins afterwards just in case though.

    Know what you mean about not enough hours in the day...Lucas is starting to go 4.5-5 hours now, but doesn't wake up till 8am! Luckily he still seems to almost cluster feed in the evening, but it is hard to make sure they're getting enough!
  • what we did when LO was going longer was put in a 3 hourly feed routine which meant his last bottle was half 7 and he then slept through, i did let him tell me he was ready but that could have been 4\5 hours, we were dreamfeeding but i was desperate to sleep before 11pm, we always managed to burp after a dreamfeed but LO is a very windy child :lol:

    glad its working image
  • Thanks girls, think I'll just carry on letting him go with the flow and if he's only had 4 feeds before he goes to bed will do the dreamfeed. Although he does seem to wake up earlier in the mornings after a dreamfeed?
  • I dreamfed DD and it worked a treat for us! Stopped it around 20 weeks I think, only because she wasn't taking any so thought i'd stop it & see and she was fine.
    Yep, they don't bring up as much wind because they're relaxed.
    Go with it until he tells you otherwise, that's what I did xx
  • I did this with my son - he was sleeping 8-8 ish but still needed 5 feeds in a day, so I'd feed him 8am, 12,4pm, 7pm, 10pm - I did try a couple of times experimenting with not giving the 10pm feed (but spacing his daytime feeds out to 4 hourly), and he'd still sleep through but be starving the next day and want feeding 2-hourly! So we stuck with the 10pm feed until he was about 5-6 months.

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