Is it me or.....

......has everyone disappeared? Feels like a ghost town over here sometimes. Hope the old troll business hasn't stopped people coming on.
Heloooooooo......anybody here??xx


  • Hey!
    Im still here image

    I hardly get on nowadays since becoming a mummy, dunno where the days go :lol:

    I need to make more of an effort!

    Sharon x

  • Yay another Mummy! How's your lo? 3 weeks old, it goes so quickly dosesn't it?
    Took me a while after lo was born to wangle a bit of time on here. Now, well clearly I'm on here way to much, tee hee! x
  • Yeah its going sooo fast! 3 weeks have totally flew in!
    Shes doing fab!! and shes a brilliant sleeper! image
    She only wakes once through the night, yay!!!!!

    Oh i hear her stirring... will have to go off BE now, grrr hehe

  • Aww belss her! Glad she's such a good sleeper does make life so much easier!
    Well think we've established it is me so I'm off too-dusting to do (((boooooo!))) x
  • i'm still here!!!

    was out this morning and cant take my eyes off Louise for long now she's on the move! somehow she's also suddenly realised that she can roll to things too so moving in all directions!
  • hi i still cone on now and then but it dont feel same since all that crap kicked off xx
  • Well the dusting lasted all of 40 mins and I got bored and put the kettle on instead.
    Hello to everyone! Shame it doesn't feel the same I just thought it had gotten a bit quiet on here and wondered where everyone had poped off to? Hope we can go back to the way it was when I joined would really miss coming on here. x
  • I'm still here!

    But can only come on now when lo is sleeping, cus he has started crawling and is into everything!
  • i agree it is more quiet on here. I come on whilst at work which is great. I work for a credit card company so quiiiieeeet times. lots of BE time image
  • Is it bad to say I think I like it more these days ? Yes it's a bit quieter but the posts are good and the people replying etc are all nice and give good advice. No time wasters and people taking the piss. S x
  • defo ;quiter! im still here tho xx
  • I'm here too!! Although I'm constantly aware of the troll popping up.

  • I'm here. I haven't been on recently with one thing and another, unexpected guests, Lucy's teething turning into a horrible cold (boo hiss toothy pegs!) x
  • Glad you're all here ladies no idea what I'll do when I go back to you know the W word!
    Nowt wrong with liking the site the way it is now SuzMcH! I like the way people are on the whole supportive of each other and offer advice that has come from them going through what you are! Agree about worrying about troll activity mind but when it happened to me and mcrvamp we ignored and it worked brilliantly and I was very proud of us xx
  • Well done both of you. I'm not sure I could ignore her/it/he/creature if it said something about me.

  • not sure I could do it again mind and really don't want to find out either!!! x
  • Im here but i dont get much chance with 3 lo's i used to be vikkir but forgot my details as didnt come on for a while and just pop on every now and then.
    vikki xx
  • Shame some of us feel it isn't? It's like the troll's won which none of us want. So sad but good to know some of you are still here! On that note am off to bath the baby and wash the broccoli off me-seriously I HATE broccoli it is a viscious veg and sticks to any and everything! xx
    SB glad the SPD is getting better x
  • gosh i am always here, its my bit of a break when evie is sleeping or with daddy. i bought a webbook so am always sitting here watching tv with BE or facebook keeping me company! xxxx

  • I'm still around when I get the time!! I ahve more time when at work.... after all, who goes to work to actually work hhehehe
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