does he need hungry baby milk?

im a bit confused about what Charlie needs in the way of feeds at the mo. he has a bottle (about 6oz at the mo) but never seems settled inbetween and starts screaming for more sometimes only an hour later, he also chews on his hands inbetween, open and closes his mouth as if he's chomping on something, and keeps poking out his toungue and does a licking action. i need him to be more satisfied by his feeds as hubby is returning to work after 9weeks off and im going to do the night feeds but dont think i'll cope with him being so unsettled - im already exhausted!xx


  • If he is screaming he might be intolerant or have bad colic, sometimes you can confuse it with hunger when they have tummy ache, I used to think Amber was crying for more food but she had mild colic.

    I would speak to your hv hun xx
  • don't think he's intolerant as he's been on this milk for a while and has been fine up till the last few days. He has a dentinox and goes for a poo regularly so not sure about colic - will ask h/v tho. thanks.xx
  • Could he be teething early? Lily did all the above and it was her teeth. It has been on and off now for months. Try some teething gel on his gums about 15 mins before you feed him maybe?
  • that defo sounds like teething symptoms hun. I put tyler on hungry baby milk coz he used to drain a 9oz bottle. Go with your instincts hun, if you think it is hunger then up his milk if he drains his bottles then you know it is, if not try gripe water after feeds to help release trapped air (this was one of my essentials in the first few months!!) if nothing try a small dose of Calpol or some teething Gel to see if it is his teeth. Although I wouldnt do it all at once coz you wont know whats being effective and what is wrong with him. hope hes better soon. hope this helps xx
  • like all the others suggest it could be many other things. i spoke to my h/v bout hungry baby milk and she said a gp once described it as milk with a lump of lard. apparently is full of fat and no good. the amount of fat works on the metabolism and does fill baby up but its no good for them. my h/v said your much better giving more feeds more often then switch to that.
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