Weaning help... so confused!

I have a question... at about 6 months what should portion sizes be like? I know books just say use your babies appetite as a guide but i've never gotten to a point where lo will stop eating because he's full and i don't want to overfeed him! Also don't want him to cut back too much on his milk yet, this is the most important thing still isn't it?

One HV told me that at 6 months he should be cutting out his milk and i should be feeding him 3 largeish meals a day. Another HV told me that milk is the most important thing and that i should make sure i don't feed him so much that he cuts down on his milk... so confused!!

At the mo he has a couple of teaspoons of porridge in the morning made up with water, then he also has tea of 2 cubes of veg and a teaspoon of baby rice all mixed together - i'm possibly going to introduce a little fromage frais this week after his tea, but should i be giving him more than this? I really dont know and people keep telling me different things image

He also has 4 breastfeeds a day, so i'm not sure how much he's taking, it varies in time from day to day really.

Thanks for any advice - would be appreciated! x


  • Hi, I think Arhie would just keep going till we ran out of food if I let him. I've also wondered about "cube" size. Cos the freezer food trays I've got aren't standard ice cube trays so I thought I was giving him too much.
    But he has dropped a wee bit of milk in 4weeks of weaning, he's still only 23weeks. I'm going to wait till 26wks before introducing 3rd meal and fingers foods I think and then he'll probably drop more milk.
    I give his food inbetween milk feeds and I ifnd he isn't so hungry for the milk so he is naturally dropping milk bit by bit himself and I'm sure Oscar is too, maybe time how long on the boob and see if it cuts down ?
    I've stopped listening to what hv says and doing what Archie is happy with and so far it's working. Sounds like you're doing a grand job and Oscar is obviously loving his food. Well done. S x
  • I agree with SuzMcH in that the hvs are so confusing I find it is best to follow your lo's lead. If your lo is happy to eat more solids I would give him more. Bethany is 7 months, we started weaning her at 5 months and by 6 months she was on 3 good size meals. We have always pretty much fed her until she showed that she didn't want any more and she seems happy enough! She has cut down on her milk feeds but I'm confident that she's getting a balanced diet.

    With the milk feeds, 4 a day sounds fine. I know it can be hard with bfing, not knowing how much they're taking. If you are worried you can add milk to his solids- try making up the porridge with ebm or cows milk and adding cheese or as you say give a fromage frais as pudding.
  • our routine goes a bit like this (since yesterday :lol: )....

    8am - 8oz bottle
    9am - bigggg bowl of porridge
    11am - toast
    12pm - 7oz bottle
    1pm - a jar of baby food
    4pm - 7oz bottle
    5pm - half a jar of baby food and a 3rd of a pudding jar
    8pm - 8oz bottle

    i changed our routine round a bit and this new one seems to be working great, i'm only fitting 4 bottles in rather than 5 so it's a lot more flexible and he's taking more food! i can't really help with the cubes cuz i'm currently not making my own after a blending disaster (don't ask :lol: )...i just basically go with what JJ wants, he'd eat porridge til it comes out of his ears!! x
  • All babies are different, some prefer food, some milk. Go at his pace. I wouldn't offer huge amounts though, even if he'll take them...sometimes I think the jar sizes are HUGE, sometimes Gabe would eat a full stage 3 jar but I worry that its too much for his tummy & would make him bloated? I tend to stop when he starts losing interest and shaking his head...thats a good guide...

    Gabe took ages to get to grips with solids (despite being weaned at 4 months) and wasn't taking more than about 3 or 4 small ice cubes until 7/8 months or so.

  • Thanks for your help girls it's reassuring to know it's not just me that's puzzled!

    The HV called Oscar a 'milkaholic' last week... i just thought 'He's a baby... surely that's a good thing?'. Honestly sometimes i wonder what the point of HV's is...

    I upped his porridge this morning by a tsp and he ate it all but didn't cry when he finished so i guess he was satisfied... I'll try just trusting my instincts and go with him - so hard when you're constantly questioned and told different things though!

    Thanks again image xxx
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