Recommendations for a British holiday?

OH has three weeks off in August and I have suggested a week away somewhere in Britain. We are in south Essex and don't really want to drive for more than 2-3 hours. Somewhere cheap with baby friendly things to do! Anyone have any recommendations?
Thanks xx


  • hi you will have to excuse my complete lack of geography and distance but we live in dorset and its lovely here!
    we live not far from weymouth and 20miles from poole (i use to live in poole)
    personally i think there is more to do in poole for children
    there are soft play areas, poole park which has crazy golf,pedelos on the water,ice skating rink, play grounds (swings and slides and stuff) and a train ride round the park.
    there is also falmer palmers which is a bus ride away. loads of nice places to eat. there is poole quay which holds different events in the evenings of some summer nights and in the day you can take a boat ride over to bownsea island.
    you can also get a train or drive to weymouth from poole and go to the sealife center and also its only 5 miles to bournemouth where they have beaches (there is sandbanks in poole only a bus journey away from town center) and the oceanairium and bournemouth gardens which has a big air balloon you can ride in (its attached to the ground tho)

    so my suggestion is poole in dorset image
  • Where in Essex are you from, I live near Witham and are goinf for a weeks holiday in 2 weeks just to a friends static caravan in Dunwich in Suffolk.
  • How about centerparcs? They have a few over the country. It is the sort of holiday I would NEVER have gone on pre baby but we took Ben along to the Longleat one and it was fab. So many things to do, even for little babies and you meet so many couples/families in the same situation!

    If you can go with another couple to fill up a 'lodge' it isn't that expensive.
  • Thats great - fab ideas! I didn't even think of Suffolk, Norfolk or Kent - really need to get a map out and look! Rebecca, I live quite near you actually, going towards Southend way!
    Thanks, will do some more research xx
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