not baby related- Jewellery expert needed!

Im looking to sell a yellow gold fiagro and t-bar chain i got a few years back as a pressie. Now i know it definately wasnt cheap but i need to know how much I should roughly expect to get for it.

Its a 24inch yellow gold fiagro with t-bar and weighs 10 g .. anyone any ideas?


  • I knew if I stayed around long enough someone would have a question about jewellery lol (I used to work in a jewellers before I had Millie).

    It depends a little bit how you plan on selling it but tbh you won't get much for it at all. Unfortunately there is very little market for second hand gold jewellery so the prices aren't great. If you were to try and sell it to a jewellers you would probably only get scrap price for it, ??10-??20 maybe at the most. Best bet is to sell it privately, you should be able to get about a quarter of the new shop price for it. We didnt' used to sell our stuff by weight but I've had a quick google and I think something like that would have been about ??150-??200 new so you would be looking about ??50 tops.

    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
  • Thank you for your help. I wasnt going to go to a jewellers as i did that while back when times were really hard and i got barely anything and now really regret it. Will definaly look into it. Thank you image
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