Iron supplementation for breastfed babies

I know that now Ruby is 6 months she will need more iron as breast milk does not provide it (so much for breast is best on that count hey?!).
I am giving her fortified cereal in the morning but was thinking, what if i make up a bit of 6month + formula (say 2 ozs and just add it to her food (eg. sweet potato etc...) instead of the expressed milk that I have been adding?
I don't want to supplement the breastfeeding as I will continue till she is 1 if she wants it.

What do others do that are exclusively breastfeeding?

I don't want to offer her formula in a bottle as my Mum says that she brestfed my sister till 7 months and offered a bottle one night and my sister then never went back to the breast!!


  • I didn't bf as Charlotte wouldn't latch on but I know in my area they offer vitamin supplements to bf babies over 6 months. Check with your hv.
  • If she's on solids then I don't think you need to worry and I wouldn't buy formula just for that. Some babies are low on iron but then they tend to be the ones who don't have a varied diet so giving cereal is good.
  • i think your idea is very good, but as ccbmommy says, just check to see if you can get vitamins for her too.
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