Another stupid question about wind!

ok, so i am not using colief as i dont think that is the problem.

Next question

can you use dentinox colic drops and infacol together????

Also how do you get rid of trapped wind the other end. Toby pushes and pushes sometimes for hours, its really distrssing for us to watch as well but i really think it is him trying to push out air (fart) and also poo (he still only poos every other day sometimes longer)

Any suggestions please ladies?

Thank you again x x x


  • hi there are a couple of baby massages u can try to help relieve wind....first one is u start at babies left hip (ur left looking at baby facing u) go up gently buty firmly with ur index and middle finger to inline with belly button, then across to the other side of bellly button, down to right hiip, and back to left, so in a clockwise square repeat 3 times. second one is called something like the daisy wheel or ur index and middle fingers about an inch from belly button and make circular motions with ur fingers alround (clockwise) the belly bttuon, again 3 times, and lastly place one hand palm down just as his ribs end and tummy starts, move ur hand down to wards his pelvis (keeping it flat plam down, and before u lift that hand off, place ur other hand flat palm down at bottom of ribs and do the same, again 3 times.

    also depending on how ur feeding will effect how often baby poos, if ur breastfeeding baby is likely to poo less often as there is less waste from the milk, its tailored to babies needs so baby will use the majority of it up so not much left to poo out. if ur bottle feeding baby can become constipated as theres no 'drink' part of the feed, if this is the case then u can offer sips of cooled boiled water in between feeds. hth xx
  • thankyou - i will start the massage tomorrow - he is bottlefed and always has been i have giving him cooled water from a bottle should i try something else??

    Thank you for replying x
  • thanks sassy - i have tried confiort and that made his poos really green whereas now they are at least the right colour.

    Not sure i like the idea of the confort milk as it has been "pre digested" which i think would mean moving onto normal milk would be difficult. i am hoping that it will be easier to move toby off infacol or dentinox when he passes 3 months.

    honestly never though i would be so obsessed with burbs, farts and poos!! I just hate seeing him in pain.

    Hope something works for you too x x x
  • Hey Summer Fred also suffers with wind at the bum end too. My HV showed me how to massage to release it. It is similar to the above. but I rub his left/my right as you look at him from just under the ribs to down to the groin in one gentle fluid movement repeatedly. Then, holding both his thighs I push his knees up to his tum and hold them there for a a few secs, i repeat this a couple of times and he usually strains along with me pushing, then farts! You need to be patient though it can take quite a while for anything to come out! But very satisfying for both of us when it does! Hope he is soon more comfy hun xxx
  • Leo is crippled with trapped wind. Ive now started using dentinox as well as infacol. Its horrible watching them being sore. He seems to get some relief when we persist. Sometimes can take over an hour to burp him. Any advice on whether in doing right or wrong? X
  • i breast fed both my daughters.  My first daughter suffered terribly with trapped wind and colic and so this time i decide to eliminate dairy products from my diet to see if that helped.  I have to say it made a massive difference!!!!  still breastfeeding at 5 1/2 months and no sign of colic or reflux or any of the other horrible things we had last time.  i also regularly massaged both my girls tummies and found this to be a great reliever it needs to be done regularly and not just in times of discomfort.  also infacol and constant winding seem to be key.  its a battle but things will improve as they get bigger and stronger and their digestive system matures. hope that helps!!

  • I struggled with a very windy breastfed baby too, I wondered if there was an element of reflux and tried everything including coleif, infacol, gaviscon.

    My mom in law advised me to use a sling. I used one of those long fabric ones that you wrap round and  didn't use a pram . I used it in the house as well. Being upright and jiggled round with a bit of pressure on her tummy seemed to help the wind and her digestion, it was the only solution which has worked so far .


  • i tried everything and found that baby massage before it got too bad helped. I would do it at about 5pm to aid digestion and that really helped, if i left it much later it seemed to be too late. I used all the massages explained above. It may have been a coincedence and could have been growing out of it but on the nights that I managed to do it earlier she didn't scream.


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