Another routine and feeding question, confused !.

Hi, there have probably been a million questions about routine etc but I just need to ask another one, sorry.
Archie has been in the same routine now for about 3wks, he's 7wks and bottle fed. It's the night feed that I need help with. Last 3wks he has been
Feed and bed, 7.30pm
wake and feed 2-3am
Up and feed 7-7.30am.
But last night he slept until 4.15am so was OK as I fed him and he slept till 7.30, woke and fed then. But what if he sleeps later till say 5.30 or 6am. That would only be 2hrs or less before he gets up at 7.30. Do I feed him then and wait the 4hrs till his next feed is due ? But then his routine through the day will be totally out and we'll undo the routine he's been in for last 3wks. Any help/ideas appreciated please.
Thanks girls, Suz x

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  • at this age the routine changes all the time hun, as he gets bigger he'll want more during the day and less at night...JJ has 7oz bottles and usually takes 6-7oz every feed but i know if he takes 5oz at 2 feeds during the day he'll be awake at 4am, he'd normally be awake at 6am if he'd taken full bottles, u just have to go with it and give him what he wants when he wants it and it'll eventually get into a proper routine...we had a perfect routine going and then he had a bad reaction to his injections and it totally went pear shaped, now we're all over the place again! x
  • definitely don't assume they are hungry if they wake up. zakareya would wake at around 4am and again at 6:30am. found he just wanted soothing at 4am rather than a feed. his gums were also changing so when he put his hand in his mouth or just made mouth movements it wasn't that he was hungry. figured this out when he reluctantly had a bit of milk before falling asleep
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