Floor headache

Maya's only 11 weeks old, but I'm worrying about how child-UNfriendly our flat is and the issues this will cause once she's on the move. I'm reluctant to spend a lot of money and time on modifications as we're looking to move sometime next year (there are lots of factors that mean we're not in a position to do this immediately....) But equally I don't want to compromise her safety.

My main issue is our flooring - we have original floorboards throughout our flat, including M's bedroom.
I'm worried about her little knees being skinned to bits on them image as the planks are quite rough and uneven (unlike more modern wood flooring), and occasionally the nails work themselves a little way up and need hammering back down :evil:

I need a short term solution to 'make do' before we have everything in place to move. We have large rugs in our lounge and Maya's room, but I'm going to struggle to find anything big enough to cover the whole floor.

Have any of you used those big foam tiles, shaped like jigsaw pieces? They seem fairly expensive, but cheaper than having our floors ripped up, replaced and carpetted... They're used quite a bit at playgroups in church halls so figure this might be my best option.....

Any ideas?! :\?


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