What time do your babies go to bed and get up?

Hi girls
Connor finally has a set bedtime and up time yay! Hes goes to sleep between 9 and 9.30 and gets up at 7.30, he has 2 breastfeeds in the night and its great! he has 3 naps in the day around 9.30 2 and 4-5.
Whats your los sleep patterns like?


  • Hi Gill,
    Thats great what age is Connor?
    Lucy is 18 weeks old and goes to bed between 7.30 and 8 and usually sleeps until about 8am just wakes maybe once or twice for her dummy. Shes formula feed and we've just started weaning a couple of weeks ago! And she seems to be teething atm so hopefully that doesn't upset her routine!
  • Hiya, how old is he? Tabitha sleep ALL THE TIME, she goes to bed at 7pm had a feed at 12 and sleeps til 7.30-8.00 she has 3 1-1.5 hr naps during day 9.30/12.00/4.00 she's 16 weeks tomorrow, just in case you think I'm being smug my oldest Scarlett (now 3.5) NEVER slept at all on average 8 hrs in 24!!
  • Wow thats really good for all of you! Im hoping Connor will be like that soon, hes 21 weeks on wednesday hes never been the best sleeper but since hes been in his own room hes doing soo much better, and oh and i are getting to spend some time together too!
  • Mornin,
    Alf is nearly 7 months. He goes to bed between 7 and 8pm depending on what we've been up to in the day. He wakes up between 6 and 7am and has no feeds in the middle of the night. Likes a good nap in the middle of the day too if he hasn't got a rotten cold!
  • wow thats good! does she nap much?
  • Everyones babies sleep so well! cant wait til Connors on solids hopefully hel sleep through then!
  • Charlotte is 1 and goes to bed at 7.30 and is up anytime between 7 to 8am. She may wake in the night but not always. She then has 1 nap in the day at about 11am for up to 2 hours.
  • Bethany has her bath at 8pm, so she's in bed by about 8.30/8.45. She usually has one night feed and then she'd up at about 8.30 in the morning. Works great for us as I'd hate to get up any earlier!
  • jayden goes to bed at 8 has 2 night feeds, although was one last night!!! which he has never done before!! and he gets up at 6! jayden is 8 months
  • Gabe goes to bed at 7pm though it can be early as 6.30 if he's really tired or as late as 8 if people visit just before bedtime!

    He gets up at any time, usually around 8am. Sometimes he has treated me to 9.30! He's a late riser. He doesnt usually wake in the night, only if poorly, teething or if he hasnt ate much in the day he might want a lil feed at 2 or so but that's rare xxx
  • Ambers sleep time varies everynight I dont really like a strict must be in bed for this time routine as one night can knock it all out!!

    She is in bed by 8 most nights, is usually in bed for 6.30/7 if she is tired I go by her really as soon as she gets grizzy/rubs eyes she has her bath,bottle,bed.

    Again morning times are different everyday too usually about 9 she wants to be up on the odd occasion she sleeps till 11!!!

    She sleeps through some nights and wakes some nights for a feed too xxx
  • david goes to bed about 9 now, up between 2 and 4 for feed for 5 mins then sleeps till 7ish
    he not doing too bad image
  • charlie is 13 weeks and sleeps 6.30pm - 7.30am with no feeding during the night.
    im lucky as this is what all my kids sleep.

    he then naps 9am -11.30 1pm-3.30pm
  • Zacky goes to bed at 9pm (but doesnt sleep til about 10pm) and generally sleeps til 9-9.30am. He is left to nap whenever he wants during the day and can have anywhere from 10 mins to 3x 2hr naps a day.

    Zacky is 34 weeks.
  • Wow thats really good! does anyone breastfed baby sleep through yet? HV told me that ff sleep through earlier than bf any truth in that?
  • Zacky slept through from about 12 wks and is formula fed.
  • Jonathan goes to bed between 6.30-7, depending how tired he is! He is normally up around 7 but that is cos he has to be as I am back at work!!! He is nearly 8 months now... wow how time flies!!! He slept thro from 12 weeks!
  • Hiya

    Ollie, whilst strictly not a baby anymore, has slept to the following for the last year (he's 20 months) - he goes to bed about 7pm and sleeps through (most nights) until 7- 7.30am.
    we tried putting him to bed later to see if he would sleep in later, but found he woke up earlier in the morning, and found that the old saying the earlier to bed the longer they sleep was true for him. Plus it means when he goes to nursery/preschool we wont have many problems trying to get him up earlier to get there on time ;\)
    He slept through from about 8-10 weeks ish (exclusively bf) until he was about 7 months old when he started night waking... we ended up having to do CC at about 5-10 months as I couldnt do the night waking anymore and he didnt need the feeds he was asking for....
    he also still has a nap during the day at about 12 - 12.30 for anything up to 3 hours. One thing we find again is the longer the nap in the daytime the better he sleeps at night. But we dont force him to nap, there are days where he just doesnt want one and we just resign ourselves to a restless night.

    rainbowshoes - that is the general trend as formula is heavier and not as easy to digest as bm so it makes baby feel full for longer, but it also depends on the baby. Some ff babies dont sleep through, some bf babies do, and vice versa.

  • My god you lot are lucky...how do you get your babies to sleep so late!? My lo is 10months and goes to bed about 6.30pm and is alseep in 10mins but wakes 5.30am! We dont tend to get up til 6am as its far too early but he doesnt get the messege and still wakes the same time! I know he still has a good sleep and he is tired by then and when I have tried to drag bedtime out a bit it doesnt work as he gets overtired. Anyway, make the most of your lie in's...cant remember the last time I slept til even 7am!
  • Kelsie -6.45-715pm until 5.30-6.30am. No feeds. She doesnt ever wake either.

    Jack - 10pm until 6am then until 10am. He has a dream feed at 2ish and feeds at 6.30am.

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