How long do teeth take to come through fully?

Hi All,

LO had her first tooth break through the gum on Tuesday and I was wondering how fast they tend to come up to being complete teeth?


  • its been just under 2 weeks for us for both front bottom teeth x
  • Thanks PP. It's tricky to get to see her teeth as she just sticks her tongue out whenever I try and look! I don't think it's moved up much since sprouting on Tues so will be interesting to see how long it takes. And when the 2nd one pops the gum as I don't think it's far behind.
  • I think it varies between babies. My sons seem to come up really fast (between 1-2 weeks) while Ive noticed other babies can take a lot longer. It has only actually just occurred to me how fast my son's come through and it makes me wonder if it's why he has such a tough time (compared to what other mums I know say about their babies and teething pain) - is there more pain if they come through quicker?
  • Yeah it may work like that mummabear. I suppose a slow and gradual tooth would hurt less over a longer period whereas your son may have a lot of pain very quickly.
    I'm considering myself very lucky with my daughter (touch wood so far at least!). Aside from one night where I was up for half hour trying to settle her, she's pretty much been ok. I hope it continues though image
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