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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on, but I can't think of anywhere better to get advice on the first weeks after birth.

Anyway, I am due in five weeks' time and my form of nesting appears to involve stocking our freezer. I have just made and frozen 4.5 litres of chicken stock. Over the next few weeks I am planning on making and freezing a lot of bread. And I am planning on stocking up on frozen fruit, veg and ice cream.

Assuming I can find the room, I was also thinking of making things like bolognese and soup and freezing in individual portions for easy use in the first weeks after the birth. However, other than bolognese and soup, I am rather stuck for ideas. So I was wondering what, if anything, you would suggest stocking the freezer with in preparation, either prepared meals or basics for cooking with.

I should point out that my husband may have six weeks at home after the birth, depending on the actual arrival date (two weeks paternity leave + four weeks of the Easter break) and my mother will be staying with us until at least ten days after the birth so I won't have to do any cooking (or indeed cleaning) for a couple of weeks. We also live about five minutes' walk from a supermarket, so things like milk won't be a problem. But is there anything food-wise that I should stock up on?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



  • Hiya

    I wish I'd stocked up our freezer before Lyla was born!! Great idea! You'll find things like Chilli con carne, cottage pie & lasagne freeze really well - when I'm making these, I tend to make extra and freeze the leftovers in individual portions so that we generally have something home-cooked in the freezer. How about stocking up with chicken breasts as well - great for a quick meal - stir fry, fajitas etc. Also, have a think about getting things like stewing steak in the freezer - for a few minutes preparation, you can have a lovely home-made stew, which you can just leave cooking slowly in the oven until you're ready to eat it.

    How about stocking up on pasta/rice and some stir-through sauces? That way, you can have a reasonably filling meal ready in about 10 minutes. I use the Dolmio bolognese sauce to stir through cooked pasta, as it's much cheaper than the actual stir-through sauces. I'd never use it to make a bolognese with, but it's great on it's own with pasta.

    Hope I've given you a few ideas!

    blb x
  • Thanks, blueladybird. That is really helpful. I hadn't even thought of chicken breasts!

    I think I will make a big batch of tomato sauce and then just stock up on basics - chicken, mince, stewing steak, along with the frozen veg - so that we aren't tied to meals weeks in advance. Although if I make bolognese between now and my due date, I'll do double quantities and freeze the extra. It always disappears quickly anyway...
  • Wow you are organised arnt you?????
    I cant remember even thinking of stocking up the freezer when I had each of my three...I think I lived on toast and hubbys strange concoctions for weeks after lol!
    Im not ttc again yet but I,ve saved this post for ideas when we do.....super. thanxs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • image Not really, babs. This just seems to be the form my nesting has taken. Now if I could just find the energy to mop the kitchen floor, rather than organising my freezer.... :lol:
  • He He lol! I will swap with fill my freezer and I'll wash your kitchen floor, oh and I will even make you a cuppa while I'm at it.. lol.
    Take care babe...happy nesting xxxxxxxxxx
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