URGENT advice needed

Hey ladies
desperately need some advice as being s first time mum I don't know how serious this is.
My little boy who is 10 weeks old hasn't had a wet nappy for over 24 hours now. He is drinking a lot less, only about 1-2oz and it's taking ages to even get him to drink that.

Should I wait until Monday and take him to doctors or should I call medoc/nhs direct or take him to hospital? I've googled it and people say it's dehydration or urine infection. He already has bad reflux and an umblical hernia.

Help!!! Don't know if I'm worrying too much but also don't want to leave it if it's serious


  • just to check first, are you sure baby hasnt had a wet nappy? its difficult to tell is disposables. have you put cotton wool in there to check? in the birth to 5 book from the nhs it does say on page 35 to seek medical attentions as soon as possible if your baby takes less than a third of their usual amount of fluids, passes much less urine, vomits ren fluid or passes blood in their poop.

    so to be safe phone nhs direct. hth
  • I'd call nhs direct immediatly Hun!! Their supposed to have at least 6 wet nappies a day! With weather this hot I wouldn't take the risk sweetie! Hope your bubbas ok xxx
  • I'd call NHS24 as well or take him to Dr if hospital is close by. Thats what they are there for and you are better safe than sorry. I once called them 3 times in one night and they were very helpful.
    Hope he's alright and perks up soon. Have you tried to give him water from a teaspoon? When my little one was ill we spent ages just dripping water or milk from a spoon in to his mouth and he swallowed out of a reflex action rather than because he wanted to drink it.

  • agree with others, look at soft spot on baby's head if sunk in baby will be dehydrated, get baby to walk in clinic or hospital to get checked over hun to be on safe side xx, sending my best wishes to u both
  • Thanks ladies
    I rang nhs direct and they said take him to hospital. After waiting 3 hrs we saw the doctor and typically Leo had a wet nappy!! Not very much but better than nothing. Just got to keep his fluids up and continuosly try and feed him if necessary.
    Blimin scary evening but really glad he's ok
  • Oh hun, hope everythings ok now and he's weeing well for you xx
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