He's Making Me Feel Guilty Me Thinks! *UPDATE :cry: *

well JJ had his injections this morning and he's not feeling too good...have given him calpol but he's still very upset and restless, has only taken 3oz since 11.30am but i get the feeling he's just feeling sorry for himself cuz he'll have a little nap and then wake up full of smiles and it's almost as though he remembers whats happened and starts crying again, he's currently lying on the bed with me having a wriggle about in his vest (incase he was too warm), gunna try him with some more milk soon, he's bound to be hungry, he usually takes 6/7ozs every 3 hours!! will keep u updated x


he stopped breathing :cry: he woke up coughing so i picked him up and was patting his back over my shoulder and he made a horrible noise so i turned him round to sit on my knee and he was red in the face and not breathing, i smacked him on the back and he coughed and was sick everywhere, phoned GP in tears and rushed him straight to the doctor who listened to his chest and heart and said he seems fine now and just to keep an eye on him but she doesn't think it'll happen again...i'm a nervous wreck now!! :cry:

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  • Poor JJ, aren't jabs horrible? Hope he feels himself again soon, xxx
  • Aw bless him, Lucy has her first injections on the 3rd December and i'm absolutley dreading it! Hope he cheers up soon x
  • Tyler had his about an hour ago (2nd lot at 5 months) hes been ill ever flippin app so hes well behind. When he had his first lot he cried non stop for 48 hrs and naped in between - it was awful coz my other 2 had no probs with their jabs. Hes sleeping at the moment bless him.

    Poor JJ - hope he feels better soon. xx
  • Awww! George had his 3rd lot yesterday afternoon, I think wth just two he would have been ok, but the third injection just sent him over the edge, we calmed him down and when we got home he was fine. Then come bedtime, he had a temp so I made him have some calpol (which he hates) And he went hysterical, he would only calm down and go to sleep for oh, everytime I went near him he started up again, he really had the hump with me, perhaps it was because I held him while he had the injections done?

  • Oh I hate it when they have their jabs. Especially the 1st ones as its a new experience. Hope he feels better soon. Poor JJ!! xx
  • altered original post with update x
  • ooh hope he is ok xxx
  • awww! I do hope he's ok! that most of been awful!
  • Crikey i don't blame you for being a nervous wreck. Hope your both ok now x
  • Flippin' heck poor little thing and poor you! Hope he's more himslef soon. Have asked my oh to come with us when our lo has his 3-at-a-time jab. x
  • omg, that must have been soooo scarey! glad he is ok though and hope he has a restful night, though im sure u wont image
  • Oh bless you hunni, hope he is ok by the sounds of your facebook status he is image I hate it when Amber coughs and takes a while to catch her breath makes me all upset xx
  • well done for staying calm n getting him breathing again babe! i know you'll be watching him like a hawk now! hope he feels alot better really soon xxxx
  • hey,

    poor little thing! and poor you to get such a fright. My friends lo screamed so much at her last jabs she went purple from not breathing but was fine after she was calmed down and has been fine since - hope this may reasurre you a little?

    hope he's feeling better now

  • well after the worst nights sleep of my life he seems to be on the mend, finally got him to take 5oz at 4am and he's just taken another 5oz at 11am so i'm quite happy with that...we're having a lazy pj day today...that's what u do when ur ill isn't it? lol hope everyone else is ok x
  • oh no poor little love, and poor you too
    Hope he's feeling better soon
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