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lumpy food!!!

hi all bit of advice required! i am trying to wean my son onto lumpy/mashed food and off puree. only he is heaving all the time and today he was sick like ive never seen before!!! i am trying to do it gradually. any tips on what to do to help ar just any tips at all!!!!!! xxxx


  • have you tried mixing the mashed food with the puree then gradually increasing the amount of mashed food? thats all i can think of, sounds like you are just going to have to keep trying him with it until he gets used to it x.
  • hi, have you tried roughly chopping banana and mixing it with fromage frais this was the only thing my lo liked to start with and it got him use to gumming his food.
  • what an absolute nightmare! he refuses to eat anything with any lumps in however small and has now taken to grabbing the bowl or spoon resulting in my freshly mopped floor now covered in mushed up bologneise!!! help! xx
  • hi hayley, have you tried giving small pieces of fruit/veg/cheese (half a finger nail size) after the puree? this got my lo used to pieces of food and then he started to take the annabel karmel pasta mixed in sauce and now he is on mashed stuff.
  • hi i tried banana cut up with custard and he loved it also he eats wotsits no prob just bloody swallows em little sod! but when it comes to food with lumps he gags!!! will persevere!!!!
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