hiya, ! my lo is three and a half months old and i am breastfeeding him. i havnt had a period yet but me and my oh stupidly had sex two nights in a row without using anything.... i sort of think what will be will be but now im wondering whether i could be but obviosly no period to be late. i know i should prob do a test but what do u think are the chances of getting pregnant again so soon. they would be exactly 12 months apart!same conception date!!!

thanks, lauren


  • I'd do a test, my best firiend has just had her second and her first has only just turned one, this happened to her. I hope eyou get the result you want xxxxx
  • thankyou i think i will....not sure what result i want!
  • hun my sister in law had a baby on the 12th June and is 6 months pregnant with her next bub. you are at your most fertile up to 12 months after having a baby. x
  • thankyou, think i will do a test today while oh atb work and mil has got jake...will keep you posted.x
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