my daughter is 9 months old and into everything that isnt hers.. she is really driving me mad!! i love her to pieces but she wont accept NO and has a paddy when she is told off.. do you think im being harsh telling her off?? she needs to learn when she isnt allowed something and trying to keep everything out of her reach is really hard.. y is it they want everything that isnt theirs she has all these wonderfull toys to play with but wud rather have a candle or a newspaper.. in fact anything she knows she shudnt have.. im at my wits end with her.. i know you cant expect a 9 month old baby to understand the word no.. does any one have any tips on how to help her understand when she is doing wrong?
any advice would be very much appriciated...


  • Well, I don't really have much useful advice as my 11 month old is the first I thought his little paddies were cute, but now there are v annoying! I feel like I shout at my LO too much, but I haven't a clue what to do. I do not want to take everything that isn't a toy out of his reach as he has to learn that he isn't allowed to play with the photo frame/vase/candles etc etc. I think they get to understand the word 'no' as time goes by - Jamie has started to understand its meaning (but he tends to kick off even more when I say it now!). As long as you are consistent, and rather than shouting just state 'no' in a firm voice then she will soon learn not to mess with mummy - good luck xx
  • ttry telling her no then moving her away from it. do this everytime she goes to it and she will eventually understand.

    we did this with Joshua and he learnt what he was allowed and what he wasn't quite quickly. You have to be consistant tho and keep doing it or it wont work!

    Good Luck xx
  • What I did with Holly was to give her a cupboard in the kitchen which had wooden spoons, small saucepan etc etc all the things that we think are boring which of course she wanted to play with as she saw me using them all the time. Then in the lounge she had her own shelf on the bookshelf which she could rearrange and pull out all of the books etc etc and I am sure it helped her understand what was hers etc. I think sometimes we forget that they see us doing things like reading magazines etc and want to do the same!

    So as a baby she was fantastic and very tidy as she had to put all the things back into the cupboard or on her as a teenager I cannot even see her carpet...oh well !!!
  • hiya Lewis likes turning the tv off and pulling the sky card out and he knows it annoys me and he just does it even more coz he is getting a reaction! try ignoring it, i tried saying no but he just laughs and does it even more! Must just be a naughty devil stage they go through lol
  • Maddie is also 9 months and exactly the same.
    I can't put her pushchair too close to anything as she will drag things off shelves.
    If I say no or move her away or take anything off her she screams (the loudest pitch ever) and throws a complete hissy fit.
    I keep reminding myself that she doesn't understand yet but it is hard to stay strong and not give in and hand back whatever it is.
  • My LO is 11 months & is doing the same thing but I keep saying 'no' & moving him away & he also has a play pen so he has his own safe place with his things. He is facinated with our computer chair & crawls straight to it & sits swinging it, or it's the remotes but as we have sky+ this drives us mad with him pausing & rewinding the tv etc - I took the batteries out not realising that with a sky remote you can only do this for 10 mins or you'll have to reprogram your remote to the sky box! Doh!

    I think it very important to be consistent as my friend has 2 daughters who know that 'no' doesn't mean 'no' as she'll say it a few times then give up & laugh letting her daughters carry on doing whatever they are doing that they shouldn't! Very annoying.
    My mum said no & I knew it meant no!
    Atleast they know their boundaries if you are consistent.
    I joke I'm going to get a whistle & turn us into the Von Trapp family! lol!
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