Jane Carrera Aniversario?

Does anyone have this pushchair? Looking for opinions!!! Needs a new one since my old one is done. My boy is 8 months but ideally we want something that will do next time (baby no 2).


  • ANOTHER one??? Nic your mad lol! Mind you I bought a new buggy the other week can't wait for it to arrive!
  • I am selling the other 2 to fund this one, don't worry. I have all the original boxes for both prams so I'm hoping to find a buyer on ebay image I am a bit of a pram-a-holic I have to say!
  • have Jane Nomad and love it!!!!!!!!!!
  • vanilla, can u tell me a bit more about the problems you are having?
  • lol i am pleased to hear this & hope you get the other 2 sold, done lots of ebay stalking re prams with the trouble with mine & they all seem to sell like hot cakes. will keep fingies crossed 4 u xx
  • have the Jane slalom and love it!! - only problem i've had is that the seat unit fastens on to the frame, and where the seat is positional (lie flat / upright), the plastic hooks keep on flicking off, so Issy is upright one minute, flat the next! i had the same pram for my second (different colour - another pram fetish person!!), and this was the only fault i had with this one too!!

    just check with this pram that it fastens on in a different way!!

  • got to be honest that both the ones i have had have never had brake problems, but you would have thought that they would do something to repair it with!!

    vanilla- where you got yours, did they not offer you a refund to send it back to Jane? did they not offer you an alternative? if they knew when they sold it you that they were known for dodgy brakes, you'd think that they either wouldnt sell it, or they'd warn you!! all in it to make money, hey?!!

    i'm not suprised you wouldnt recommend it!! as you said, they are not the cheapest pram, although the place in Mancheter i got mine is the cheapest i've seen it.
  • I got Jane slalom pro, love it, so damn easy to push, my boy is so comfy in it.

    Have no probs with either the breaks, wheels or seat fastenings :P
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