symptom spotting at 6dpo - oops wrong forum, ignore!

hi, well.... this month i've not really been looking out for symptoms - but i'm peeing like you wouldn't believe! i've not drinking anymore than usual, but need to wee all of the time! Can that be a pregnancy sign this early?! I can't remember if i was weeing lots with DD early on.

i've also been stuffing my face, which i usually do a couple of days before AF but it's too early (i hope) for her to creep up on me! I just can't stop snacking at all, totaly craving chocolate and crisps which is my only AF symptom usually.... i hope she stays away, or at least doesnt show early!

I'm planning on testing next wednesday, 10dpo with a 10miu test! i'm feeling so impatient, wanting it more than ever this month, it just feels so right for me to be pregnant right now! i've even been thinking SO much about baby names etc...... pma pma!!

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  • OOhh good luck. I never wee'd a lot when preggers until late on, but my first symptoms were boobies on FIRE!! And feeling very tired all the time.
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