really hacked off!

Im soooooooo sick of people saying how big Charlie is!!!!! He does look older than 9months and he is a big lad but perfectly in proportion for his weight and height (that was the H.V words) and is on the 75th centile. But all day today i've had people say 'god he's big', 'he's like a giant baby isn't he?', I met up with some mums earlier and the one mum's little one is about the same age but a lot smaller than charlie and she just wouldn't stop going on about how massive he was. I often get one off comments which im used to because yes Charlie does look bigger than 9months but today really got on my nerves!!! LEAVE MY BABY ALONE!!!!! HE'S PERFECT!!!!!

Sorry rant over! xx


  • Oh hon, hugs. I know how you feel, Jack is on the 9th centile and he's 10 months and everyone comments on it. Are you starving him!! Arent you a skinny boy. I hate it. No matter what size/shape a baby is they're still perfect to us parents. Try and ignore the ignorant comments.

    Judging my your avatar he looks a lovely lad and perfect image

  • Yep people just love to comment. I get all sorts now I let Oscar toddle around shops. Anyone would thing I forced him into walking. But if I leave him in the trolley his little belly sticks out and I get all the weight comments, even though he's on the 98th for height and just above the 50th for weight so actually looks a little skinny, the belly aside lol.

    Charlie IS gorgeous, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise or I'll set Oscar and his tantrums on them! Pmsl xxx
  • Chin up hun, I get this all the time with Barney and tbh I absolutely love it! I know he's not overfed, he's not the slightest bit fat, just really broad and stocky. I love having a little boy who is hopefully going to grow up into a strapping great rugby player!!
  • your not the only one,when i take the twins out jack is bigger than charlotte and i always get comments,the best one was from a bloke who said "there not twins are they" of course they are "well hes a lot bigger than her"

  • oh hun...tell you what ill come over to yours with Jake and you can comment on his size lol! I think Oscar, Jake and Charlie are all same size and within a few days of eachother so not that unusual! We have big healthy babies who we havnt had any feeding, weight issues with and should be proud! Can't wait to see you guys soon, must set a date! Love us x
  • it pi**es me off too. ciara is 'normal' size for her brith weight according to her chart..but people always say...ow isnt she tiny for her age. A woman in asda asked how old she was the other day and when i told her she was 14 weeks she replied..oh isnt she small. I felt like beating her with my loaf of bread. She isnt small, shes long/tall. grrrr people should just mind their own buisness
  • hi hun . i find this so rude , i was at mums and tots on thursday and some insensitive cow said to another mum really loud' omg how big is he he's huge , is he not crawling yet ? im not suprised the size of him' i couldnt belive it she looked mortified ...

    ignore them ... when lily was 4 months my cousin told me everytime she saw her tht she was overweight and huge and now shes smaller than her baby whos 2 months younger ,...

    its ridiculous!! xxx
  • bailey_b your comment made me laugh, I now have images of women being attacked with a loaf of bread in Asda, perhaps I need to carry a loaf in my bag for next time a comment is made,lol.xx
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