How have ur tummys been left?

Hi Everyone,
I have had 2 c-sections, my first was an emergency and my second was planned. My babies are now 2yrs and 6months and I have been left with this god awful funny shape and overhanging horrible-ness. Im convinced this as happened coz I have had c-sections, but now it is really depressing me. Granted iv still got a little bit a weight to lose but im back in my pre-preg jeans but have this horrible sagging belly. Im only 22 and I feel like my life is gona be cut short, i really wany surgery but cnt afford it, i will never be able to wear a bikini or any clothes that normal 22yr olds mite wear, and its really getting me dwn.

Its also affecting my relationship with OH because I cringe wen im naked or if he touches me coz im that digusted with myself, and although I believe him wen he says he loves me the way i am and he wudnt change me for the world, im just wrapped up in my own head thinking how horrible I look. Is anyone else experiencing this, do u have any advise on how I can feel better or how i can reduce my saggy tummy xxx


  • hi hon, i have also had 2 c-sections and i have to say i too have a overhang first section was 5 yrs ago and after initially doing weight watchers and losing some weight and exercising a bit, my tummy def got flatter. now, the overhang is worse but tbh i havent bothered to diet yet (new years resolution! off to weight watchers again asap) so am not overly worried at the mo. it doesnt look nice and i do feel self-concious but know that over time it will look better.

    please dont feel that you wont ever feel good about ypurself - you are young and that is def a positive thing and wll mean you should lose weight easier n exercise will have better effect i think. there are loads of nic fashioable clothes out there that look fab but still hide the "mummy tummy" (as my hubby calls it!) and i always buy slightly longer line tops and jumper dresses that hide my tummy but still look fashionable. i do sometimes wear bikinis on hol altho i shouldnt really cos i have overhang and stretchmarks too but i try not to let it bother me, it makes me more of a far from perfect but i have my 2 beautiful babies.

    hope u feel better soon hon, have confidence that over time, u will feel sexy once again xxxxx
  • I'm with you hun- have an overhang from Tom's csection 2yrs ago and now I have another jelly belly from Archie 9 wks ago. My tummy went flatter in between but still feels spongy and loose. Oh the joys of motherhood!!
    Hope yours gets better soon x
  • my belly also has this overhang, it kind of goes in directly under my section scar which makes it look like its realy stuck out over the top of the scar. cameron is 6 months, i have actually prob put weight on since having him so need to lose some for sure but have a feeling this belly bit will not go.
    im only 24 too hun and i feel down that im not going to wear what i used to and have been told off repeatedly by oh for cringing when he touches me! dont mean to do that its an automatic reaction.
    Claudia T is so right, we may not look perfect anymore but we are all blessed with little angels! and i know my skinny, single, party girl friends would love to be in my position so im not going to waste my life feeling down about how i look.
    hope its not getting you down too much
  • Hi kerry
    I can totally understand how your feeling, as this is how i feel at the moment too. I didn't have a section, but pregnancy really took its toll on my figure! I was a size 10 before & now am a 14/16.

    I've decided to take the bull by the horns & go swimming once a week! The thought of putting a swimming cozzie on IN PUBLIC, frightens the crap out of me, but i keep telling myself it'll be worth it! Is there something like that you could do hun?

    Just remember your sooo not alone in how you feel. My OH is pretty supportive as well, but as we all know "its not the point"!!!

    Anytime you need to chat, you know where we all are xx

    Sarah xx

  • hi kerry i know how you feel babe i had daisy 1o months ago i was 11 stone size 14 sometimes a 12 im back at 11 stone but a size 16 and i hate the word but i have an overhang after a section and have spoke to lots of people since who says exercise wont shift it as muscle has been cut. I havnt dieted as im just not in mood i dont go out any more as daisy is nightmare sleeper so im tired all time so i enjoy eating nice things still lol!! Im worried overhang will look worse too if i loose weight but i hate the spongy feeling so will have to do something about it soon, im in denial as long as i wear my big pants and i cant see it i dont worry, Cant help you feel better about yourself but i can say it is very common and very corny to say but i dont give a shit as my tummy housed my beautiful adorable funny clever perfect little girl who i have waited a long time for so if i have to wear big pants and dim the lights then so be it she is worth it xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • mine has been the same since my first and all mine have been natural births it drives me mad and always had done as its been like this since i was 19 which is when i had my first.
    I put on a lot of weight with all my pregnancys and the more of it i loose the worse the saggy bits get.
    Charlie is 8 weeks old and my diet starts today, i got a wii fit for christmas and started using it 4 days ago and its a killer but i think its going to help a lot with shifting all the baby weight x
  • My pre-pregnancy trousers/jeans etc are all too big for me now but even though I seem to have gone down a size on the bottom half my belly is still saggier then before and has stretch marks which I hate, altho they are fading now. When I look at my belly I think urgh then I think my lo was in there and I feel better about it xx

  • I didnt have a csection but know what you mean, i have a bit of a sag but my skin feels all stretchy round my tummy and it bloody wobbles, its just been 8weeks so i'm hoping with exercise and stuff it will get better, but it doesnt half make me feel sad sometimes especially when my nana pick on it but thats another story xxxx
  • Thanks ladies i feel better knowing that im not alone in how im feeling. I know i must sound really superficial especially as some women wud kill to have 2 beautiful babies, i just cnt help it. I think the thing that bugs me most is that i know no matter how much i exercise and lose weight im still gona have this empty sagginess, and it really upsets me. I know the stretch marks will fade and the weight will cum off but i cnt stand the thought of having the tummy of a 90yr old even if i have got two lovely children to show 4 it. Thanks for the kind words everyone i try not to get so wrapped up bout it but i just cnt help it. xxx
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