How accurate where your.....

growth scans?

I had mine yesterday due to my gestaional diabeties so was 33+4 and lil man was weighing in at 6lb 1oz...i know there not 100% accurate but have never had one in pg b4. I do have big babies my last lo was 7lb 5oz but this was at 34+5 so not a normal weight for that gestation :roll:

Hes measuring fine on everything else, its just his tummy and they cant plot it anymore - hes off the scale...this is down to me being diabetic and one of the horrible side effects of it...hes packing on to much and theres nothing that can be done, i dont have my consultant til next week and have another growth scan then...they where inducing me in 4wks anyway...but looks like this may be bought forward if his growth continues like this, im just hoping for some stories where the growth was way out :lol:

thanx in advance girls, kim - 34wks 2morrow! xxxx


  • I had groeth scans with Isaac and Alice, Alices one was right it estimated she would be about 8lb ans she was 8lb 5oz, Isaac on the other hand they estimated would be about 6-7lb and he was 9lb 6oz so not always accurate.
  • My blood results came back un-normal, so they gave me a scan at 36 weeks as they thought I had diabeties. Luckily I didn't have it. On the scan they said he was 'big' and he was born 2 weeks late at 8lbs 6oz, which isnt particuly big considering boys are supposed to be heavier, he was my second, and I went 2 weeks over.

  • I know SB i cant quite believe it...i finally get to graduate!

    So i guess it could go either way - could be bigger than the estimate...or smaller - im prepared its probably going to be the latter because of the diabeties, my 1st was 8lb 6oz at 38weeks so hoping hel be no bigger than that - otherwise im screwed and need to get rid of all the newborn stuff lol! He does feel bigger than the other 2 - alot stronger and i feel like im going to pop already...hopefully next weeks scan will show hes slowing down as i would of been on insulin for 3wks then....! xxxx

  • i was scanned at 32 weeks, and told he was 6lb, we had archie at 37 weeks, and he weighed 6lb 13oz, so they were a bit off !! he was a wriggler tho....
  • hi, tbh im dont think that growth scans are always that accurate. i had one at 33 weeks, she weighed 4lb, then lolah was born 3 days early at 9lb 7oz!!! i was always measuring 3 weeks bigger at my check ups. xxx
  • Not way out but I was sent for a growth scan as I was measuring small, baby measured about average but was actually 9lb 7oz when he turned up, a full 2lb 3oz heavier than average!!
  • Molly at 36 week growth scan weighed estimate of 7lbs 14ozs and at 39+5 weeks she was born weighing 10lbs 14ozs, eek!!!!!
  • Had growth scan at 40+3 with Gabe, they estimated 8lb 14oz and also showed the head circ and length to be off the scale, but the belly on the middle line, and he was 9lb 1oz and exactly like that - skinny with a big head! hehe! Good luck xx
  • Hi Woomummy!

    Can't beleve you are 34 weeks!! Doesn't seem long since you BFP!!

    Anyway - I had growth scan at 34+6 and Alf was measured at 4lb 9oz - he was born next day at 4lb 9oz!! Spot on for me!

    See you over here soon!!

    SAm x
  • At 34 weeks my lo was 5lbs 9 and was 8lbs 15 when he was born at 41+3!
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