Totally EMBARRASING question TMI alert x

Have any of you lovely ladies suffered with a pile/piles/hemorrhoids???? i have had a painful bum area since birth on Tuesday and at my mw check up she said i have one- which i do have, i am using cream (preperation h), but crikey its bloody agony, i struggle to sit down walk etc, and i am dreading going for the number 2's which i havent since before the birth, i know its from the pushing, but wondered if anyone else have suffered them, and if so how long they took to go etc.

Any help/advice would be greatly apperciated


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    I would recommend getting the suppositories rather than the cream (if they are internal piles) - they work much quicker!
  • Its an external one sort of sitting out of me like a small grape, may have to call the Dr on Monday, ive had enough of being prodded about since Tues x
  • Yes me and my crikey does it ruddy hurt going for a nuber two.

    Mine is external. Somebody on here (sorry cant remember who you are) suggested filling the fingers of latex gloves with water and putting in the freezer. You then apply (externally) to the area. I tried it and mine has shrunk massively and it is the only thing I have used, no creams or anything else.

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    i was told to fill a condom with realy cold water and to make sure dh knew the condom was not for his pleasure but my releif LOL LOL. the physio in hospital actaual did ultra sound on my wee grape an did helped.
    hope you get some releif soon
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