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Sorry to bother you but I noticed your gorgeous lo is wearing what looks like a tie in you little photo thingie. Anyway the thing is we're off to 3 weddings this year and I'd like our lo to wear a tie too but obviously he's only 7 months now. So I thought maybe I can get a bib or T-shirt with one on it so....where did you get yours? (lot of waffle for a simple questions sorry!) Thanks x


  • Hey!

    It's a T-shirt that we got from Adams. the tie and waist coat is printed on. I got it before xmas, but I know alot of their shops have closed.

    They also had a white shirt with a clip on tie with it. but I thought that the tie would always be in his mouth. :lol:

    I hopr you can find one.

  • Oh never mind but thanks anyway! I agree about the actual tie, Alf will eat anything and I'm not sure anyone wants a baby with a soggy bit of cloth hanging out of his mouth on the photos!! x
  • have you tried next, i know they had them x
  • Oh I will have to look in there, because he has out grown his now!
  • U r to be truly admired for ignoring THAT your lo is gorgeous xx
  • thanks ladies will do. rise above it right? x
  • i believe it's the only post by them tonight! I think ignoring them does the trick.
  • Sorry to gate crash. ASDA did some tops around xmas period that had a waistcoat and tie printed on them. Aloso tops with a waistcoat over them but no tie. They wash well as well.
  • Thank you will keep a look out! luckily we have plenty of time before the weddings and I've actually found something for me to wear too so just oh to sort! x
  • Oh I might have to have a look in asda too, bet they only did them for xmas.

    I want something like it for his birthday.
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