did you experience this or is it normal?

Charlie doesn't bring wind up very easily, if at all although he also doesn't seem to be in any discomfort as a result but i wonder if this is related to my problem?

Basically Charlie seems to be bring up quite a bit of milk, not huge quantities but it happens quite often. He can just be lying/sitting there and suddenly it pours out his mouth, there is no warning with a burp before hand though it kinda comes from nowhere!

He must of had this happen to him a few times during the night as his mattress was soaked, as was his hair and it worries me that he'll choke. Any thoughts? is it normal or should i be worried? xx


  • Barney was/is exactly the same. Untill he was about 3 months old he had to have a bib on all the time and before picking him up for a cuddle you needed to know exactly where the muslin was :lol: It never bothered him at all and we put it down to him being a piga nd eating to much, when you moved him the excess spilt out. He has largely grown out of it (he's 6 months now) although he still tends to be quite sicky if he eats a lot. I did wonder if it was reflux but his weight gain was good and it didn't seem to hurt him so I decided it wasn't. We used to put a muslin over the sheet, under his head so it could be changed quickly if he was sick at night. I don't think there's much risk of choking as it sort of dribbles out the side normally.
  • How old is he hunni?

    Amber did this all the time as a newborn, up until around 10 weeks, very rarely does it now unless she is being a greedy bum!

    It is called posseting and the milk just pours out the mouth as they have such tiny tummies it sometimes just comes back up. We went through tonnes of muslin clothes, put one on the mattress too and replace when he has been a bit sicky again.

    Its very normal so not to worry he will turn his head for it to come out too, if it becomes v frequent or really bad speak to your hv or gp as then it could be reflux, of course mention it to your hv next time you see her anyway as that is what they are there for.

    Hope that helps xx
  • charlie is 8weeks and never seems bothered by it. thanks girls!xx
  • My Charlie is exactly the same he is 9 weeks old but im not worried as his is putting on plenty of weight, and iv been through milk alargies and reflux with my oldest and its not as bad as that was. i just put the muslin under his head where ever he is so i can change it fast
  • millie use to bring bits up when she was younger too i use to keep her upright for 20mins b4 i laid her to sleep. she does tiny bits now but they usually only come with a burp! shes 18 weeks now, shes also on solids now and loves her food she eats everything i give her but never brings any of that up xx
  • Jack brings his milk up sometimes with no prior warning!! I think its perfectly normal, I wouldn't worry, as long as he isn't loosing any weight.

  • What milk are you using babe as i was using the cow and gate first stage with charlie, he is now on the cow and gate hungry baby and dosnt do it as much, not sure if its the milk thats made the change or not but it stopped at the same time as i changed the milk x
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