I just wanted to say....

I've tried to post this a few times today but couldnt find the right wording..,

After reading the post from Dippymummy all I have done is cry, I could and would never want to imagine the pain the poor woman and her family are going through, it made me realise that all the times i've cried because Lochlan wouldn't eat right and the frustration i felt because he wouldn't behave just felt sooo insignificant and petty, he's healthy gorgeous and a kind hearted little boy and very loving I will never take another minute with my son for granted when i feel annoyed or frustrated I will cuddle him tightly and take a deep breath because he's fit and well. My mum and dad lost their son (first born) my big brother, he wasn't a baby but he was 18 years old still their baby and i wached as the grief ate them up i had to pick my mum up screaming off the floor one day and i could feel my heart ache for her and watched as my dad silenced his pain and becoming ill but never fully understood exactly what her and my dad were feeling, that was until i had my own son, he has healed their grief and eased my pain and grief of losing a brother, he is an angel in disguise and i love him with all my heart. I like to beleive he was a gift from Richard as I really wasnt coping and neither was my mum dad and sister. we were surving not living now this little soul has us laughing every day and my dad and mums eyes light up with the most beauftul sparkle. I will never take time with Lochlan for granted again.

sorry I just had to get this off my chest i hope you ladies don't mind

Lynsey xx


  • I never really knew dippymummy as i haven't been on much but when i read that i was in tears and just wanted to comfort her in any way possible because i know i would be heartbroken if anything happened to mine so god only knows what she is going through. I really couldn't get it out of my head last night and gave both mine an extra hug when i tucked them in bed. Really makes you appreciate what you've got so much more. My thoughts are still with her now. xxx
  • so very true... i too have been guilty of getting stressed with austin over silly things like not sitting still when eating his dinner and now i feel awful for it. i am so truely moved by dippymummy's terrible loss and can't imagine how heartbroken she must be. i think a lot of us will be taking a step back and just appreciating our lttle ones and soaking up every minute of them. xx
  • yes u are right ,its so true ,i have just said on my fb that im not impressed that im up this early with sophia (since 3.30am) but actually it doesnt matter ,she is awake,happy ,beautiful little girl and im blessed to have 2 gorgeous children ..after what dippymummy and her family are going through right now i think its only right we take a hard look at how lucky we are no matter how tired we all are xxx
  • i have been thinking about this poor family all night.

    been up with Grace since the small hours and not once have i got cross with her even when my eyes were on sticks, cos i know dippymummy would give anything to be able to do that.

    we are all so lucky

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