Thinking about getting LO a Precious Planets Jumperoo for christmas as was wondering if anyone has had one and would they recommend it.



  • Hiii

    I have the rainforest jumperoo but im lead to believe they are the same?!

    I would reccomend trying you LO out in one first. maybe a friend has one?

    I say this because my LO hates hers, luckily i have only borrowed it off a friend so have'nt wasted money x
  • Lacey loves her jumperoo gets a bit fed up after about 15 mins but i would recommend it, but it is a good idea to test first as they are expensive x
  • definately recommend it...how old is LO? the reason i ask is that it's better to get the use out of it as soon as LO is old enough cuz ours went in the loft at about 9/10 months as he just got too independant and didn't want to be in it anymore...xmas might be a bit long to wait if LO's already a month or 2 old?

    this face doesn't lie...hehe


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