Do you use reuseable nappies? Which ones?

Hi Girls,

I am dropping in from expecting June 09 and we want to use reusable nappies to save money.

I think to start with as I will be a new mum we will use disposables for a few weeks until we have found our feet but after that I really need to save money!

Which ones do you use and recommend and why? How do they work? (sorry I know nothing LOL!). There are so many systems on the market I am finding it really hard to decide.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Suzie 26 weeks and 6 days



  • Hi Suze, congrats on your pregnancy - hoep everything is going well.

    I have tried reusables off and on since ll was born last July. Bear in mind that you are more likely to have leaks with reusables and also buy bottoms one size bigger because they are bulkier than disposables.

    i would recomend getting all in one nappies - as I can't be faffing around with wraps and stuff. Check out these two - Tots Bots all in ones and the Bumgenius one size . If you can get to one of the baby shows where you can actually see them and prob get some special offers.

    PS - there is a reusable nappy forum if you want more info.
  • Thanks for replying tyger. I will check those out.
    I will check out the other forum too.

    Anyone else using reuseables in the baby forum?

  • Hi

    Just thought id share my experience with reusables. I bought tots bots and bambino mio for environmental reasons however with the summer we had i found that not only were they less eco friendly they were costing me more money than buying disposables.

    As tyger said they are much more prone to leak which resulted in extra washing of baby clothes bedding etc but aside from that by the time id paid to wash a load and then had to tumble them as they weather was so bad i cldnt dry them on the line, combined with the nappy liners and cleaning fluid i found them to be more expensive.

    I buy biodegradable disposables and worked out the cost to be similar however if you buy tesco/asda own ime you will actually save money.

  • Thank DB for your reply.

    It really is hard to work out what to do and what to go for LOL

    Im worried we are going to pick the wrong option and it is really important for us to save money ahhhhh panic LOL

    Thanks again for replies! :lol:

  • I would just get a couple of different nappies to try first, then pick which ones you like best. I bought a load of Onelife then discovered they didn't fit too well, and now I use Tots Bots with Bambino Mio wraps.

    I only use reusables during the day as there's no way they'd cope with my LO's heavy night wetting, and if we're out for the full day I put her in disposables as it's much easier than carrying a load of wraps and smelly nappies. For some reason whenever we're out the reusables leak, yet they hardly do at home?? Not worked out why yet!

    I do think reusables save money as I buy far far less nappies than I used to and don't really seem to do any more washes than before. I started using my TB when she was 5 months old and haven't looked back since, I love that warm 'environmentally friendly' glow that you get inside when you use them, and they look so cute on!!

    Corinna x
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