jar or homemade?

Hi girls! Just wondering what everyone gives their LO who are weaning at the moment. I`ve started to wean my LO but haven`t got much further than baby rice and cereals. I like the idea of pureeing everything myself though x


  • Evan is 8 months and I do most of his myself, if we are out or busy etc then he has the hipp jars but I make big batches of stews and casseroles and freeze them or he has like beans and mash or tuna and pasta etc. I did all ve3ggie purees myself when I started him on them. then when he got to 6 months I introduced meat and fish. just do big batches of different veg and then once you have got through first tastes you can mix and match - sweet potato is always a winner
  • Gabe had more home made food when he was younger but only has jars now.
    He's 9 months and although I so wish I could make 'family food' that we all can eat, it just never happens. My so called other half lol is so fussy and doesnt eat anything unless it is plain! (Seriously, he only eats chips and meat).And Gabe doesnt like plain food at all. In fact he hates most homemade stuff and its too depressing when it just goes in the bin! so jars it is! xx
  • I use a mixture. I used to do mainly homemade. Then I got a few jars in for emergency and used them when I didnt have time to cook or was feeling lazy. I have a collection of her old jars to recycle and theres quite alot there!
    I need to get myself organised this week as we seem to be having teas that she cant eat or my oh forgets to put some aside for lo!

    Definately by yourself a blender. Nothing wrong with giving it ago. Dont be hard on yourself if your lo doesnt take to it. Its just about trying things out.
  • I did a few batches of first taste veg and fruit when LO was first weening, but he has jars now as he is 34 weeks and I cant cook. Luckily he will have anything (usually) from dried food, jars, finger food or home made meals (when we visit family). We just mash his food now so the hand blender just gets used to mush up the meat in his meals.
  • I do a mixture as well, although Riley loves the fruit Ella's kitchen packets! He kicks his legs when he sees them, but not so keen when I make it myself (even though they say they don't add anything!) Maybe it's the packet, lol. xxx
  • i hate to admit that with charlie so far its all be packets or jars.
    with my first apart from the baby rice it was all homemade
    with my second it was half and half
    but i just dont find i have the time at the moment to make them myself x
  • lara have u tried ellas kitchen? davids tried some and loves them and they dont have milk in image xxx
  • hi, i've just started too and have been using jars. my lo is fine on the puree fruits and porridge but the vegetable ones make her gag so i might try puree my own veg see if it makes any difference!
  • I hope to use homemade when lo gets there (started weaning but it didn't go well so have stopped for the time being) but i also would like him to eat the jars for convenience when out/in a rush/busy etc - there's nothing wrong with them at all, but i think homemade has a bit more of an interesting flavour. Mind you, saying that there are some unusual flavour jars out there that i can't see myself making! x
  • Thanks for all the advice girls - i think i`ll try and do a mixture. I`m a hairdresser so it would prob be easier to jars and packets when i`m out working. The only other prob i have is that i add chillies and garlic pretty much to every meal i make at home so it will weird getting used to not putting any in. (I`m used to be a garlic monster - can`t get enough of it!!!) x :lol:

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