Which reusable nappies?

Hello ladies! I'm gatecrashing here from the Pregnancy forum, but I hope you won't mind ;\). I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am wondering about nappies! I want to use reusable ones, but there is so much choice, I don't know where to start. I would really appreciate the benefit of your experience as to which are the best value or easiest to use, etc.

Many thanks,
Astraad xx


  • I th????nk you may have more success ????n the reusable nappy forum! I use fuzz???? bunz napp????es. Would recommend you to have a few d????fferent brands to try - DONT buy a b????rth to potty set, you are bound to hate them. I tr????ed a few d????fferent styles before settl????ng n what su????ted me, I th????nk most people recommend do????ng the same. The lad????es over on reusable napp????es board w????ll have loads more adv????ce for you ????m sure!
  • Thanks dinky_Cath, I hadn't even noticed there was a dedicated forum, lol!

  • We use bambino mios and I find them pretty good. I definitely prefer the prefold style rather than shaped nappies because they're less bulky and dry a lot quicker (we don't have a tumble dryer so drying is a real issue!). But I agree with dinky_Cath that's it's worth getting a few samples and trying them out before spending loads on one set. And also to check out your councils schemes, Essex do a promotion where you can get a sample pack of nappies for just ??10, well worth doing.
  • Thanks ladies! Yes, we don't have a drier either Poz, so thanks for the tip. I guess maybe I'll wait until I know where we're going to be living until I do anything about nappies, since you all say the councils can help. We're a bit up in the air at the moment!

  • We use the BumGenius3.0 and they are very good. What I like about them is that you don't have the expense of buying different sized nappies as the baby grows older as they popper up to a bigger size. Would definitely recommend them - we're just about to switch over to using nothing but the BumGenius and ditching the pampers!
  • i used bamino mio with my lo and will use them with this baby too when he arrives! xx
  • We used bumgenius too until recently (we have a water shortage where I live) & I think they're great. Being one size they end up being very cost effective too. x
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