C-Section ladies - First AF after your section?

Calling all you C-Section ladies!

I had an emergency c-section 6 weeks ago, and stopped bleeding at around 4 weeks. I just wondered when you had your first AF after your c-section and how heavy and painful it was?
I'm really not looking forward to my AF returning, and have read that the first one, especially after a section can be really heavy. Just looking for first hand experiences really!!

Thanks!! xx


  • I had an em c sec too and got my first AF 6 weeks (pretty much to the day) after. Also, I wasn't BF. I won't lie - my first 2 were pretty horrific - so heavy and really quite painful (I think Mother Nature had spoiled me previously as I've never suffered). Have to say though, they are much, much better now - think it was just those initial ones x
  • Well I had a ECSec 9+ months ago and still no AF!! I am BFing and on the pill so that might explain...
  • I had an emergency c-section and bled for 4-6 weeks. AF arrived after 8 weeks; the first one was particularly heavy, but not really painful and the rest have been as before, really!

    I BF for the first month.

    Em x
  • after my em sec i bleed for 2 weeks spotted for 2 then got my period which was the same as ever x
  • I only bled for 2 weeks after my section. My first AF came 7 weeks after and wasn't particularly painful (no more than usual) but was soooo heavy. I even got worried at first! My gynae says it's very normal, for both c-section and natural births to have a very heavy first period.
  • I had light bleeding for around 4/5 weeks after the section & then had my first AF at around 8weeks. It was actually a lot lighter for me than normal. I have also had another since & that has also been lighter than they used to be.
  • I had a cesec- nearly 12 months ago and bleed on and off lightly for about 5-6 I am breastfeeding but af came back at 8 months much better than they used to be not as heavy, do not last as long and not much pain either.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.
    I had my 6 week check today and have had a prescription for my usual pill - the doctor said I can start taking it before my AF arrives, so I might do that & see if it helps with the flow and cramps when AF finally does arrive.
  • hi, i bled for 2 weeks then one week spotting following c sec, then didn't have an AF until ds was 5.5months (mixfeeding) but the first AF when i finished bf altogether was pretty heavy and as quite sore too, got really bad back ache with each AF after that until i got bfp, which i'd never had pre pregnancy.

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