Ds is now 8 weeks and has been mix-bottlefed for the last couple of weeks. As he'd been having more ebm throughout the day than formula I hadn't been too concerned with offering him water, but my supplys now diminishing and he is gradually having more ff than ebm so i need to start offering him water, especially with the weather how it has been but I'm not sure when?
What does anyone else do? x


  • My DS is 9 weeks now hun and is completely bottle fed. While it's hot I'm giving him 2oz of water a couple of times a day.

    H xx
  • Thanks Hun, sorry to be thick, do you give it to him inbetween feeds or nearer to the end of one so it doesn't affect the next? x
  • we offered LO a few oz of cooled boiled water from the fridge inbetween feeds so he got use to water for when we started weaning (the weather wasnt an issue at the begging of the year!
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