Will I ever have a 'normal' month again?

Since I finished BF (Abigail was 3 months old and is now 7 months) I haven't had a normal monthy period. I had my fist one when she was 17 weeks (4 weeks after I finished bf) which lasted 5 days. Then I had another one 5 weeks later which lasted 5 weeks. At this point I went to the doctors who told me to wait and see what happens in a few months. I now haven't had one for another 5 weeks and I am showing no signs. I know it's not normal and feel as if there could be something else, I have piled on a hell of alot of weight in a short space of time.

Is anyone else having similar problems or is everyone back to 'normal'?


P.S. I am not pregnant!


  • Have you had your thyroid checked? I ahd regular periods before I was pregnant and then my thyroid went underactive after 10 years of being overactive, I ff but my periods since have been irregular (not as irregular as yours) my thyroid has been put as extremly underactive and I find it very difficult to lose my baby weight despite walking 12 miles a week and doing cross trainer and ab exercises every night. Are you showing any other symptoms? Extreme tiredness, feeling cold? I would maybe go back to your gp and ask for some blood tests, also the symptoms of pcos is very similar as well so it would be worth checking this avenue as well.
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