Annabel Karmel food tray with lid

Hi ladies.
I'm looking at getting a few Annabel Karmel food trays (3x5 cubes), firstly does anybody use them and are they any good?
Secondly the cheapest I can find them is ??3.97 each... Has anyone found them cheaper else where?



  • Hello

    I have two of these trays, I was given them by a friend so can't comment on the price sorry.

    They are good for storing large amounts of food (I alwaya cook a big chicken dinner and freeze loads of it) HOWEVER I find it a nightmare to get the frozen food out of the blister. It really hurts my fingers especially as it's soooo cold to touch, hubby does it for me every morning though without complaining so might just be meimage


  • Ahh, thank you.

    I think I'll probably get about 10 because I'm planning on storing a LOT at a time. :P
  • Cool, thanks Ali.
    I've already ordered a few Annabel Karmel ones, but tomorrow I'm popping into town so I'll look out for those ones too.
  • I bought some a few years ago, and they are crap. Lid doesn't fit properly and it was a nightmare getting the food cubes out!
  • I bought one of the AK ones last month and am really pleased. I bought mine in toys r us so not as cheap, but I do find the food easy to get out.
  • Ah, mixed messages!
    Well, I'll see how I go with them, I think. image
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