my 1st post on baby .........because ...........

i want to say im really looking forward to joining this forum now , a few weeks back i was a bit worried cos of all the horrid crap thats been going on but after the past couple of days when ive seen some of u very clever mums track and scare the evilness off im now really looking forward to making some new friends and getting advice from u also looking forward to not having to gatecrash (cmon baby!!)and boy have i just laughed at the post for katie about heights cbmommy u made me laugh about spitting out your pepsi!!...,my oh thinks im nuts when i laugh at the laptop :lol: so hopefully ill be able to post in the next few days introducing my new baby if he /she decides to make an arrival :roll: .........

oh and those of u who dont know me from the pregnancy forum my name is lisa im 25 and i live with my oh and our 2 and a half year old terror ...son i mean image and im 5 DAYS OVERDUE with baby number 2!! (not that im at all fed up of waiting) i hope all u and ure lovely lil babies are all ok xxxxxxxxx


  • Hello, i'm Nicola. I've got 5yr old David and 5 month old Tom. Do you know if you're having a boy or girl?xx
  • ha ha sarah i wish!!......hi nicola ,we dont know the sex we did ask but i get the feeling we have a stubborn baby on our hands as it turned away in all 3 scans!! and now its staying put :roll: grrr :lol: hopefully baby will arrive very soon xxxx
  • Oh Lisa, can't believe your STILL here. Anyone would think you have got a baby to be having :lol:

    My vote - little boy, born tomorrow evening image

  • an early welcome to baby, hope he/she arrives soon hun!
  • Welcome Lisa, Im Gill and have a little boy called Connor hes 20 weeks on wednesday
    Hope labour goes nice and smoothly for you!
  • ahhh garfield predictions eh lol ...i do hope ure right about tomorrow evening ...dont mind about sex lol .......thanks for bein so welcoming every one ....i had set myself a little challenge to get to 1000 posts before bubs arrives and now i might get there if he/she doesnt hurry lol xxxxx
  • Lisa!!! get this baby out so we can arrange another meet and i won't be the only one with a baby :lol: JJ needs a girlfriend soooo i want it to be a girl image hehe x
  • :cry: :cry: jenny im trying :lol: ok well no longer than 8 days now ...god it feels like 8 weeks lol .....ahhh lil g/f for jj how cute xxx
  • Hey welcome to Baby Lisa,
    Glad you came over and have seen how lovely everyone really is after all the stuff.
    Hope bubs number 2 arrives soon and you have a smooth labour!
    Oh, by the way I have a little boy whose 6 and a half months old and am totally addicted to BE! x
  • hiya im jodie im 26 and i have three little ones and boy justin who will be 7 in april, and girl maya who will be 4 on the 18th and another little boy who will be 13 weeks on tuesday x
  • Hey hun,

    Welcome, oh hope bubs arrives soon for you, Amber was impatient like me and arrived early!! lol/! She is 20 weeks xx
  • hi babe im keely have daisy who will be one in two weeks. best of luck in your labour .
  • Glad I made you laugh!
    I'm Hayley. Lo is 1 and called Charlotte xx
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