sry...just a rant about family!

Hello ladies, hope you all had a nice Christmas.

We had a lovely Christmas day to ourselves just my mother and older sister have really annoyed me. Here goes....
We arranged for them to come to us for tea on Christmas day and stay till Boxing day eve. Without telling us till I asked they said they were coming 8pm Chirstmas day. So I thought fine, I dont need to make anything food wise.
they pitched up at 6pm and when hubby asked me if there was any food (we were too full for Christmas pud at lunchtime) my sister said. If your having tea we'll have some to!! I was thinking, In thought you said you didnt want any! We just had some Christmas pudding and she decided she didnt want any. So that was that.
today boxing day...they have gone out sales shopping!!! then coming back for dinner then we are going out for a walk later. You are probs thinking right ok whats the problem.

Bearing in mind they live 3hrs drive away and are always complaining that when we go down their to see them and visit other relatives, they complain we dont spend enough time with them. They also like to inform us how little they see lo. So they come to see us and lo and first thing they ask this morning, is what are the plans for today. I suggest chill out in the morning and walk after lunch. They say ok, we'll let you sort yourselves out this morning whilst we go sales shopping! Hello.,....what about playing with our know the child you complain you dont get to see much!

Srry it really annoys me. My sisters 23 and only seen lo 3 times and shes now 7.5mths. she complains if she doesnt see her but its just like my mother and thinks everything has to revolove around them! My younger sister is 20 and will happily spend 3 days here playing with lo and never complains! When we go down there next week, I think I will do my best to try and see as many people as possible! GRRRRRRRRRRRR..sorry to put a downer on here at Christmas but it really annoyed me. Thankfully no body else had asked to see us on Boxing day, otherwise I would be even more annoyed!

I hope no body else is stressed with the family! xxx

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  • hi , im with u actually i am annoyed with my family ...because.....

    every year since i have lived away me and oh have gone over to my mums on xmas avo for a couple of days (she lives 2 hours away)but this year i said cos i was so heavily pregnant and had a 2 and a half year old who wants to be at home with his presents that she and my sister and brother should come here , so i ring them xmas eve to see when there coming and my mum says"i cant come im working all weekend and tues weds thurs and i dont want to travel on xmas day"then my sister said her and her oh have no money !!!!!!!!!

    i was so upset , my dad is a bah humbug he hates xmas always has and always will and he also has a new family now so he didnt even ring me till 4pm yesterday ......

    i went to see my dad and stepmum and my lil sister today for a couple of hours which was nice ,but i dont think ill ever forget that my mum didnt want to even try and make an effort and all she can say is"im sorry hun dont get upset i love u all".....arrrgghhhh she would be more than happy for me to go there but i dont want to be that far away with only 4.5 weeks to go .........

    ok rant over for me ,so glad i got oh and jack xxxxxxx
  • ah bless you. Sry that they didnt even turn up. Why is it parents think they rule the world when it comes to Chrostmas!

    When they came back from shopping mum said so have you done all your jobs...I was like what jobs? I informed them that oh needed to finish our fence but all I had to do was cook the dinner! They would have been useful to play with lo whilst i was in the kitchen but no they thought they would go shopping!
    Then my sister said it was nice to get some fresh air. Hello..we were planning on going for a that not fresh air!!

    Next year they'l probs ask us to go there. But Im putting my foot down as it will be los 1st Christmas where she will understand it more as she will be 18mths. I have the last two. 1st...first time in our house as a married couple, this yr los first Christmas.

    nicki...sry to hear about your oh being useless! In didnt think oh would get me anything. He did make a card though and I was really surprised when he gave me two bedside cabinets made of solid oak. Sad but yes I was really pleased with them. I didnt get anything from lo but I didnt expect anything.
    I think he needs a wake up call...maybe leave the children with him whilst you go out for the day. If he asks why, say you need one day to relax whilst hes off over Christmas.
  • i will have a rant too......
    my sister is 25 and has 2 kids 6 and 1. i have my neice (6 yr old) every friday night and take her 2 3 dance classes every saturday which we pay for (not cheap) and have done for years despite having our own children in the meantime. my sister pisses me off most of the time she drinks too much and is a dosser.
    christmas i always spoil my neices as you do and they had a bad of gifts from us ans also some for sister delivered 2 weeks before xmas as i was due to have my baby.
    she didnt get her gifts until 23rd dec for the girls and was supposed to finish off on xmas eve. only she "says" she took a sleeping tablet and slept all day her partner left her in bed until 6pm when the shops are shut. so no one in the family has had presents. not even my 2 kids one of which is a week old not even a new baby card - nothing. i do so much for her and the girks im really annoyed that she cant be arsed to even apologise for it. i dont care about us just the kids really. its a good job my son is only 20months and doesnt realise that he hasnt had anything.
    i didnt see her xmas morning she didnt join us for the traditional family pub trip before dinner as she decided to dye her hair - xmas day. so i went and fetched the girls and took them with us. we then went to hubbys family for dinner and tea.
    i returned to my mums that night breifly to see her and girls and she was pissed as a fart and couldnt even hold a conversation and did nothing but shout at the kids (hers not mine) they didnt even flinch which says alot.
    i cant believe she is my sister and she behaves so shockingly. my parents have had words but she doesnt care. they had to keep the girls xmas night. shocking.
    right thats my rant!!!
    Hayley x
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