What's happening at feed times?

Help Im a new mum so Im learning all the time and I've come across another hurdle with my lo's feeding. Shes 15 weeks and has had reflux/ milk intolerance but has settled down over the last wk with colief. Anyway over the past couple of days feeding her has been a real struggle as shes been pushing the bottle away and only managing to have 1oz at a time then I have to give her a break and try again. Not only is she pushing the bottle away, she is also chewing her hands instead and its a battle to get her hands out of her mouth to put the bottle in. She normally has 5 oz instead of 6 but is eating every 3 hrs and sometimes shes hungry before the 3 hrs! Does this mean she is ready to be weaned or is she teething? Thanks x:\?


  • i would say teething have you tried bonjela before a feed, this helped us when LO started teething at 15 weeks, also have you tried a bigger teat?
  • Hi no I haven't tried any teething things as I wasnt sure what was happening. I used a bigger teat on her late afternoon feed and she was ok but spat quite a bit out. Not sure if shes getting used to faster flow? I didnt use it for last feed as when shes tired shes not good on new things!
  • Hi, have you tried a bigger teat size? She might be struggling to suck the milk, then getting bored & giving up! xx
  • we had this issue with our 6 nweek old... it was the teat size, so we tried the bigger teat and she was spitting loads out and sounding like she was struggling.
    so we read on the packet of the teats and it said ti try making the hole a little bigger with a sterilised needle. it now works really well for her again!
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