What things did you have that you didnt use?

Hi Ladies,

Sorry to G/C - was wondering if you might be able to help me....

I am due my first baby on 1st March.....as this is my first i could quite easily go mad with shopping and get EVERYTHING ever invented for babies, BUT i know this is silly and not sensible at all!!

So i was wondering what things you bought for your baby but didnt use, or what things you feel you could have done without?

I dont want to waste money and buy things that are unnecessary, but at the same time i want to have everything that i need!!





  • heya
    there is a post in born in oct that says our best and worst buys-may help
  • We have the same in Born in Sept. x
  • - my main advice would be if you fancy trying a sling have a good chat with other mothers that sling! lol I brought one based on awards it had one and hated it took me 4 months to try again now I love wearing my boy! x
  • I had a baby bath which i never used as I put lo in a bath support in the big bath - equally a top and tail bowl would have been useless for us (didnt have one though)

    another thing we had but that was of little use was the bumbo.

    we managed perfectly fine without a nappy wrapper, or muslins (just used bibs)...

    cant think of anything else we didnt use or need... :lol:
    will come back if I can think of anymore.

  • I agree with the bath support and big bath my bubba loves it and is a total water baby. Never bothered with a top and tail bowl,

    My LO loves her bumbo, shes always had good head control and went in it at 9 weeks for very short periods of time.

    Love muslins too, not a bib lover though and baby hates them too dont know why.

    Just realised I've disagreed with Stephe alot sorry hun just proves we all do things differently :lol:

    My advice would be buy essentials and get stuff as you go or ask to borrow off friends (play gyms etc) if bubs likes them buy them, my LO hated her gym until around 8-9 weeks and loved her swing up to 6 weeks but screams if she see's it now.

  • There's loads of things I bought that I didnt use or realised were useless, including TT bottles, bottle warmer, baby bath, top&tail bowl. Also, some clothes were a pain - LO didnt like things going over his head so was much easier to have things that did up at the front or at the back (surprisingly!)
    Bought a swing and he didnt seem keen on it at the beginning so Hubby bought a vibrating chair for him - he now loves having his daytime naps in the swing and hates the vibrating chair! so sometimes its worth just waiting and seeing what they like.x
  • Funny how alot of "babiy" items are noever used!!!! Here's mine!

    Baby bath
    top & tail bowl
    cotton wool
    nappy bin
    mosses basket (after two weeks both my sons refused to sleep in it - a crib is much better)
    scratch mits
    room thermometers
    blankets - sleeping bags are better
    changing mat - find it easier on my knee

    Wouldn't be without...

    Inflatable play ring - Ashton still uses it now at 18 months
    Fisher price kick & play chair
    Fisher price 3 in 1 swing

  • Best buys

    bugaboo pushchair
    mamas and papas 2 stage ergo bath, fab, saves filling the big bath up and a great size, we still use at 11 months!
    babybjorn sling, lovely walks out.
    0-3 month babygrows

    Worst buys

    top and tail bowl - so not needed, can just use a little bowl if you need!
    freedom sling - lo hated it!
    dummys - lo hated.
    too many blankets, only needed a couple and got so carried away!
    scratch mits, never used.

    hth xx

  • worst buys:

    Baby Bath
    door bouncer
    big travel system
    baby bjorn type carrier : so uncomfortable and bad for baby's back
    disposable nappies (wouldnt go back from cloth now!)
    cotton wool

    best buys

    baby swing
    tommee tippee breast pads
    lasinoh nipple cream
    dummies ;\)
    coolababy cloth nappies
    old fleece blanket to make into wipes
    proper sling (wrap and mei tai)
    petite star pushchair
    britax 1st class carseat.

    prob loads more i have forgotton!
  • Best Buys
    Muslins - have 50 now and still run out but ds does have reflux
    Bibs - for same reason as above
    Dr Browns bottles
    Grobags - ds has always been a fidget & kicks blankets off
    Light Show
    Cot Top Changer (good for the back & saves on space!!)

    Worst Buys
    TTCTN Bottles
    Bottle Warmer
    Milk Dispensers
    Bottle insulating holders
    Baby Bath
    Dreami carrycot for my Quinny - only used a handful of times because ds hated laying flat (reflux)
    Nappy Wrapper

    hth xx

  • hi hun, this post really does show how different we are.

    when i had my son we bought nothing everything was bought for us, then we had our dd, we bought a bottle warmer which we don't use, a sling which we don't use, be we love our top and tail boil which is great if you don't use baby wipes, I bath my son and daughter together so I just hold her, hate the idea of nappy bin, it smelt nasty. both my los grew out of their moses basket very quickly, hope this helps
  • It is hard deciding what to buy but I would say just buy essentials at first and then slowly add things as you need them. For us the things we haven't used are.

    Baby bath-just put in big bath with support,
    Top n tail bowl-just using a small normal bowl,
    bibs-using muslins,
    first size snowsuit-even though he was an October baby I have just used a jacket and blankets in his pram and we also have a fleece bug in a rug which I love.

    But everyone is different in whath they use. LO loves his play gym and chair, although we had to but a 2nd chair as the first one was to upright so we brought a chair which you could lay flat.

    Also would advice not bulk buying lots of the same make of nappies, we had a pack of pampers which were bairly used as we didn't get on with them and ended up using huggies and tescos but again everyone is different.

  • The cot bumper has never been out of its packaging and lo is 17 months now - he went into a cot at 6 months, and at first I worried about him getting tangled in it, then about him using it to help him climb out, and I've never actually used it - and he is a wriggly sleeper.

    I've also very rarely used the cot sized blankets - occasionally if I think he's chilly during a daytime nap - but really could've managed with 1 not the 6 I bought!! I used crib sized blankets when he was tiny, but by the time he went into a cot I was a sleeping bag convert.

    Newborn bibs were a waste of time for us as well, but lo was breastfed and I think bottle fed babies get a lto more use out of them.

    Oh, and we bought a foam bath support and it went mouldy - you can't get it dry properly - so I wouldn't bother with one of those again, think we might go for one of the ergonomic ones next time (because I know the towelling ones on a frame don't fit in our baby bath). I did actually use the baby bath loads, but probably will just bath this baby with ds.

    With things like Bumbos (we had a Bebepod and definitely got use out of it), don't get one now, wait until lo has head control and try them in someone else's if you can before shelling out yourself - some babies hate them!
  • We bought a swing and I know our baby is only 8 weeks but she hates it she screams hysterically when she is in it although I know some babies love them.

    Best buys,
    nappy bin,
    muslin cloths (Olivia has reflux)
    baby bath
    scratch mitts, (no matter how much I cut her nails, she still manages to wake up with scratches on her face)
  • Best buys

    2 padded changing mats - kept one downstairs and put one on top of chect of drawers in nursery we already had. Much cheaper than buying a changing table.
    Lots of sleepsuits and body suits -as this is what ds mainly wore until around 3 months old
    bouncy chair - was just a basic one but was perfect when ds was small. Once she was more aware and wanting to play we bought the fisherprice rainforest bouncer
    Door bouncer - not used much but ds loves it.

    Worst buys

    Too many cute newborn outfits - ds just never wore them.
    Too many moses/cot blankets - we switched to a sleeping bag when ds was about 6 weeks old and would never go back now ds is a wriggler !!
    dummies - only used them for 8 weeks then lo found her thumb and never wanted to go back to a dummy.
  • bottle warmer - biggest waste of money ever!
    scratch mitts
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